DDC FPO partners with Acordex to extend mobile OCR benefits

May 26, 2023 at 04:45

DDC FPO, a provider of front- and back-office outsourcing solutions for the transportation and logistics industries, has partnered with dispatching and routing provider Acordex to integrate its DDC Sync mobile data capture solution.

“We see DDC Sync as a critical component in the overall management of deliveries from first mile to final mile,” said Art Zipkin, chief commercial officer at DDC FPO. “Integration with the Acordex Mobile Dispatch solution brings the intuitive and automatic smart OCR Bill of Lading (BOL) capture capabilities of DDC Sync seamlessly to Acordex customers.”

DDC Sync visually cues drivers to take images and provides instant BOL image acceptance and BOL data visibility to carriers. Acordex users obtain real-time load visibility for better route, load, and workforce decision-making.

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“By partnering with industry leaders like DDC FPO, we can give our customers the best of both worlds inside a single app,” said Jeff Rohr, president of Acordex. “The combination of our pickup-and-delivery workflow and fleet-management system with the DDC Sync document capture technology gives us a uniquely powerful solution.”

The integration with DDC Sync, which operates in the background with any transportation management system (TMS), dispatch, or routing solution, can be built by DDC FPO for any platform provider, according to a company press release. DDC Sync is a native Android app that transmits data. Designed specifically for freight operations, its imaging capabilities provide for enhanced document control and data retrieval, as well as validation before the data is sent to a carrier’s TMS or dispatch software.

Immediate availability of data from BOLs and other documents can allow for more informed decisions about routes, loads, equipment, and driver utilization. In addition, direct data capture and real-time visibility is designed for carriers to streamline and expedite accounts receivables processing.

“The real-time data access complements the dispatch system well, and the level of document control we provide lowers costs by improving workflow,” Zipkin added. “We are pleased that Acordex is working with us as a strategic integration partner, and we look forward to continuing to welcome other providers to the DDC Sync partner program.