Diario Hoy reports another global Twitter outage

March 18, 2023 at 17:41

Twitter returned to work with problems for the third time in a month: around 6 in the afternoon in Argentina, the social network did not load the contents when accessed by browsers and a percentage also affected cell phones.

This is thus a new drop so far in March: the first was recorded at the beginning of the month and, a week later, the social network started working again with problems.

The DownDetector site, which registers drops in services around the world, recorded 57% of users reporting anomalies in browsers (usually accessed by laptops or PCs) and 33% reporting by cell phones.

Thus, the system is more unstable and crashes frequently, due to the constant changes that Elon Musk, the owner of the company, introduces week by week.

The last time the tycoon referred to these falls, he tried to give a more hopeful picture: at the beginning of the month he referred to these problems, when users could not see the content published on the network and explained that the service interruption occurred later that they tried to make a change that should only affect 1% of users.

“What was supposed to be a small change in the top 1% of the Twitter user base ended up being a catastrophic change in the top 100% of the user base,” he argued.

Likewise, Musk explained that Twitter engineers were working to simplify the Twitter software code, which could be analogous to the current situation.