Floyd Mayweather Spends $4 Million Customizing One of His Limousines.

March 18, 2023 at 17:49

The modernized limousine matches Floyd Mayweather’s standard of living. The undefeated boxer likes to show himself surrounded by luxury and money, this time he poked the animal protector again.

Phenomenal boxer and businessman Floyd Mayweather is expanding his business empire. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his current net worth is estimated at approximately $450 million (CZK 10 billion). Success mirrors the most expensive real estate, jewelry, watches, clothing, or means of transportation.

Mayweather loves to spend money, he makes shopping admirable and he likes to surround himself with the most luxurious goods. The automotive market no longer has anything to offer him, so he chose his own initiative. The undefeated champion ordered the conversion of one of his own Rolls-Royces into an extremely opulent limousine. The current level of luxury was probably not enough to meet the increasing demands, so the court car manager got to work, arranging for the production of a one-piece specimen configured individually for the boxing star.

The flagship Phantom VII provided the basic building material. After the purchase years ago, the original frame was cut and extended by about three meters to create space for even more exclusive equipment. The current modernization brought, for example, black and silver paint, a sound system with a power of 2000 watts or a smart TV with a diagonal of 45″ for the passengers on the rear corner seat. The upholstery is represented by fine leather and, in addition to the mink carpets, the experience is enhanced by the wooden paneling in places marked with the letters TMT, which stands for success aka The Money Team.

Changes also took place under the hood. The legendary twelve-cylinder 6.75 V12 N73B68 with an output of 460 hp (338 kW) and 720 Nm was replaced by another gasoline alternative. There is no doubt about a similarly majestic engine room, however, the exact technical parameters have not yet been established.

The total bill for the adjustments reached about 180 thousand dollars (4 million CZK). The chosen elements, especially of the custom interior, recalled the criticism of animal rights activists. The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has criticized the use of real fur in the past, yet the dollar millionaire opted for the same material of unmistakable delicacy.