PM receives ‘Let's Be Stingy' from UPT East Java Social Service

March 19, 2023 at 14:46

East Java Provincial Government, Bhirawa.

The Provincial Government of East Java (East Java Provincial Government) through the Pasuruan Social Rehabilitation Technical Implementation Unit (UPT RSBK) East Java Province Social Service (East Java Province Social Service) conducted guidance, direction and skin examination activities (Biar Pelit) to beneficiaries (PM) .

All PMs were gathered at the UPT RSBK Pasuruan Dormitory Page to receive guidance from Syaifullah who is a Pohjentrek Health Center officer who has been appointed as an activity of daily living (ADL) instructor or individual daily activities.

The explanation begins with the importance of maintaining cleanliness and health of the body, including the skin. Take a shower at least twice a day using body soap so that the body is clean, odorless, and protected from germs and skin diseases. It also explained about the types of skin diseases, the causes of skin diseases, transmission, and how to overcome them.

“If the body is clean, then the skin will be healthy. In a healthy body there is a healthy soul,” said Syaifullah.

After giving an explanation, he asked all male PMs to take off their clothes. All PMs are examined one by one, whether their bodies have skin diseases or not. Of all the PMs, it was found that 13 people had itchy skin disease, so they needed further examination at the local Puskesmas to get medicine.

Present at this activity were the Head of UPT RSBK Pasuruan Saroni SST MSi, Head of the Social Services Section Drs Eko Sumaryanto, all functional social workers, and staff of the Social Rehabilitation Section and the Social Services Section.

On that occasion, Saroni directly gave directions to the PM to always maintain the cleanliness and health of the body or skin by washing thoroughly using soap and toiletries that had been given by UPT RSBK Pasuruan to all PMs.

“If the body is always clean, then itching will not arise on the skin. Hives can be contagious. For that, we need to be careful,” he said. [rac.gat]