Forbes featured Mogul Uebert Angel helps rising entrepreneurs grow their businesses with The Millionaire Academy

May 19, 2022 at 02:08

The world would be hard-pressed to find a shortage in the number of aspiring entrepreneurs and millionaires who all believe they have what it takes to start a business and catapult it to a profitable enterprise. Unfortunately, not everyone who starts a company will be able to see it flourish. In fact, research reveals that up to 75% of startups fail. Further studies show that 22% of small businesses fail in just a year of their launch, while almost 50% fail within five years and 67% fail within ten years.

While there are many reasons why businesses are unsuccessful, undoubtedly, executives and leaders play an essential role in the growth or failure of a company.

Forbes calls him 'The Prophet of Success', the internationally acclaimed business mogul and property tycoon Uebert Angel aims to bridge the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and the level of success they reach by teaching the fundamental aspects of becoming a millionaire. Furthermore, the blueprint for The Millionaire Academy is unlike any because it's designed to look beyond the present. The academy doesn't just equip an individual to acquire wealth, but it's also modelled to help the generations to create household wealth.

Designed to help participants start their own businesses or grow existing ones, the academy is rife with training, resources, and seminars. What makes The Millionaire Academy different is the no-holds-barred financial strategies it provides to help entrepreneurs experience a lifetime of financial success. It teaches foundational principles of business, the art of finding a product to sell, thriving in a challenging market, the art of selling, and becoming a millionaire in real estate.

The Millionaire Academy gleans directly from the expertise of Angel, who is a former finance lecturer and financier by profession, with two degrees in business finance from Salford University in Britain, a master's degree in applied philosophy from the University of Wales in Cardiff, and a postgraduate degree from Bolton University in Manchester.

His career as a businessman spans 17 years, dating back to 2005, when he first ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing the Club Millionaire Limited, a business providing concierge services in Britain.

His success didn't end with Club Millionaire, as he immediately delved into real estate and developed residential properties and commercial establishments. His move to land and building acquisition, buying, and selling properties pivoted him to unprecedented success.

In 2008, he founded Sam Barkeley Construction and the Angel Organisation, which became the parent company for his other business ventures. Angel's natural knack for business has earned him several accolades, including a feature in Forbes Magazine in 2014. According to Forbes, "Angel is reputed to have such a keen business sense and entrepreneurial skill that he is able to start small companies and grow them. He then sells them and invests the money in real estate and other projects."

Angel wears multiple hats. Apart from being the CEO of Apex World News, The Billion Group, and the Angel Organisation, Angel is also the Presidential Envoy to Zimbabwe, Ambassador-at-Large for Zimbabwe to Europe and the Americas, and the president of Brits Money Hedge Fund. He is also the bestselling author of Healing Is Easy and one of the most sought after conference speakers. Undoubtedly, these distinctions played a part for him to be voted as the most influential Zimbabwean in 2013 and to win the Newsmaker Award in the same year.

The team at The Millionaire Academy believes that as entrepreneurs learn from Angel's expertise and first-hand experiences, they will be able to break through the ceiling and witness unimaginable success.

Entrepreneurs interested in growing their wealth can reach out via their website at

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