iGlobal.net Is The Number 1 Ranked Advisor For People Seeking Dual Citizenship Through Investment

June 17, 2022 at 05:35

Caribbean passports Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, and Grenada are among the most invested in passports by people seeking dual citizenship, according to iGlobal.net, a leading advisor to clients seeking dual citizenship through investment.

These passports are attractive due to the many incentives they offer, including visa-free access to over 144 countries and territories, plus certain tax exemptions, the firm said.

For those who want global mobility, low tax, and a secure future for their families, economic citizenship by investment may be viable. Citizenship by investment programmes allow qualified investors to become citizens of a country by contributing an amount of money to the economy - each jurisdiction has different rules.

The first step in the citizenship by investment process is to select a qualified advisor, who serves as a "go-between" with a potential dual citizen and the government agency of a country that offers citizenship through investment. The agent could be a lawyer, a financial advisor, or a law firm representative.

Hundreds of licensed citizenship firms can be found online right now. The top three are as follows:

Top Advisors for Dual Citizenship & Who Tops The List

1. iGlobal.net
HQ: Singapore
CEO/President: Edwin Morgan

For over 8 years, iGlobal.net has worked with Caribbean citizenship by investment programmes as well as Vanuatu. As a result, iGlobal.net has developed strong working relationships with Grenada's local real estate developers and government agencies, as well as providing full service to clients seeking to live and work in the United States. Their legal and immigration teams are E-2 visa experts in the United States. Applicants can also choose from more than 300 turn-key business solutions to qualify. iGlobal.net provides applicants and their families with easy access and opportunities to become true global citizens.

2. Henley & Partners
HQ: London, UK
CEO: Dr. Juerg Steffen

Henley & Partners is a leader in pure-play dual citizenship, with over 25 years of institutional experience. Its qualified professionals work in over 30 offices around the world. As the world has become more globalised, residence and citizenship have become hot topics among the growing number of globally mobile entrepreneurs and investors and Henley is a popular pick.

3. La Vida Golden Visas
HQ: London, UK
CEO/President: Paul Williams

La Vida offers 18 different investment-based residency and citizenship programmes in Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States. Since 2012, La Vida has aided clients from over 115 countries in obtaining residency or citizenship through investment. La Vida is a member of the Investment Migration Council and the AIPP, and has been named to the Financial Times' list of "Europe's Top 1000 Fastest Growing Companies" for the past two years.

What sets iGlobal.net apart from other firms?

Clients who come to iGlobal.net go straight to the source, dealing directly with an advisor that has followed the exact path they intend to plot. From start to finish, the SG-based firm provides all-encompassing support, backed by personal success and effective implementation.

The iGlobal.net network has a strong foundation. They only work with the most reputable citizenship programmes, real estate developers, and government agents. Their local network is well-established too for clients seeking post-citizenship assistance and follow-up.

iGlobal.net focuses on real estate investment programmes in Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Dominica. Morgan and his team work with developers who have a track record of successfully completing projects. As a result, their clients can invest in real estate and earn a 4-5% return during the holding period, then sell the property to recoup their investment while maintaining citizenship in perpetuity.

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