Moosho Khachikyan: Capturing A Moment in Time to Create Something Timeless

September 23, 2022 at 10:55

In a world where photography is more accessible than ever, being a great wedding photographer involves more than just shooting nice pictures. These artists must have an eye for detail, the ability to capture the wedding day's special moments, and the technical skills to transform those photographs into stunning pieces of art.

Moosho Khachikyan is rapidly becoming one of the world's most sought-after wedding photographers. His distinct approach to taking pictures and ability to capture the raw emotion of a wedding day has made him a staple among couples seeking unique ways to immortalize their momentous event.

From Teenage Amateur to Professional Photographer

Born in Armenia, Moosho was passionate about capturing photos at a young age. He dedicated himself to becoming a director of photography which allowed him to earn a degree in the said discipline from an Armenian university. His career as a professional photographer skyrocketed after his exposure to various settings like the club scene, the wedding industry, and the fashion industry. Moosho's early success and passion for his art drove him to take it to the next level in the United States after graduating.

Now based in Los Angeles, Moosho has immersed himself in videography and photography while continuing his work in the wedding industry, where his creativity flourished, and he was able to bring his visions of love to life. Over time, he resolved to focus only on taking photos, devoting his time and energy to fine art photography and satisfying his diverse clientele. He is currently building a stellar reputation in the industry for his business and personal brand, MooshoPhoto.

A trailblazer in capturing wedding photos

His exposure to various types of photography led him to create his unique style to capture one of life's most memorable events. "I have worked hard bringing a sultry style to wedding photography. By implementing the fashion industry's artistic style into the wedding photos I take, I am able to provide this version of art to those seeking it," Moosho expounds.

Moosho's work has been described as "emotionally charged" and "visually stunning." He has a true gift for capturing raw emotion and genuine moments that will one day become cherished memories for a married couple.

"I take pride in my work in which I focus on natural life photography which consists of not merely the couple, but rather the couple and all that encompasses them, including their emotions, significant moments, memories, and loved ones. My goal for every day that I work is not just to take photographs but to capture moments and help bring memories to life," Moosho proudly shares.

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Moosho Khachikyan
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