365 Property Buyers Of Alexander Arkansas Is Offering Cash Home Buying Services

June 14, 2022 at 16:20

365 Property Buyers of Alexander, Arkansas is offering cash home buying services to residents who want to quickly offload a property for a cash payout. The company also serves other cities, towns, and communities in the state of Arkansas. For example, it offers its services in Jonesboro under the name 365 Property Buyers of Jonesboro, Arkansas.

The city of Alexander, Arkansas, found its origin in the pages of the Arkadelphia Southern Standard when an enthusiastic reader wrote to the editor describing a town that had grown from 2 families to 70 people in just 8 months. Mostly comprised of German immigrants, it soon boasted two stores, a drugstore, a sawmill, a physician, and three churches. The town has since grown by leaps and bounds and today, it sits on the line dividing Pulaski and Saline counties. Alexander is considered a suburb of the nearby Little Rock metro area. Alexander residents enjoy their leisure time on the shores of Lake Norrell which is spread over 15 acres and has public boat ramps.

365 Property Buyers of Sherwood, Arkansas

A spokesperson for 365 Property Buyers of Alexander, Arkansas talks about the state of real estate in the town by saying, “The quaint little town which has a blend of both suburban and rural elements is known for its public schools, housing infrastructure, diversity, and is considered a great place to raise a family. In fact, according to Niche.com, it is the most diverse place to live in Arkansas, ranking #1 in the state. Though there are some concerns about crime and safety, the statistics for theft, robbery, and motor vehicle theft crimes are comfortably below the national average. Yet, the city remains an attractive proposition for new homeowners to settle in as they can take advantage of a low median home value of just $66,400, a little over a quarter of the national average. The median home rent also comes in way below the national average at just $783, making it the #2 suburb with the lowest cost of living in Arkansas. More than three-quarters of the town’s residents own their homes.”

When asked about how the company can help those looking to capitalize on their property investment in Alexander, Arkansas, the spokesperson says, “Though the median home prices are low, you might not find home buyers lining up to buy property in the town. If you decide to put up your house for sale with a real estate broker, you will find yourself waiting for an unreasonable time. Moreover, you will also be expected to get the property in excellent shape, by performing repairs and moving your belongings out, so that it can be properly staged for prospective buyers. This requires considerable planning and the ability to wait for the sale to go through. However, some people don’t have that luxury. If you are moving from Alexander and need to sell your property fast because you need the money to fund your home purchase in another town, pay school fees, pay off debt, or fund a business venture, time is not going to be on your side. In such a situation, you need the money fast from a trustworthy and reliable cash home buyer who will fairly and accurately appraise your property asset and close the deal in a matter of weeks. 365 Property Buyers of Alexander, Arkansas fulfills that need. You will pay zero fees or closing costs. The deal can complete in as little as 7 days. The most you will have to wait is 28 days. You don’t need to perform expensive repairs as we buy the property “AS IS”. So, if you have a property in Alexander, Arkansas, that you need to sell fast, give us a call and we will ensure you get to liquidate your asset as soon as possible.”

365 Property Buyers of Alexander, Arkansas can be contacted at (501) 369-0365 for inquiries. Residents in nearby Pine Bluff, Arkansas, can contact 365 Property Buyers of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, to avail of the same cash home buying services.


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