A Step Above Limousine Service Buys 3 New Motorcoaches to Accommodate Transportation Needs for Larger Groups

January 12, 2023 at 22:23

Charlotte, North Carolina – A Step Above Limousine Service, a luxury travel company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, announced the addition of 3 new motorcoaches to its fleet earlier today. According to the company’s CEO, Anne Rubey, the company decided to invest in the motorcoaches after receiving too many large group bookings during last year’s festive season.

“In December of last year,” said Anne Rubey, “one thing that became extremely clear is that more people are willing to travel in large groups. As a result, we saw an increase in multiple bookings of 56-passenger motorcoaches.”

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“While A Step Above Limousine Service did have two motorcoaches,” added Anne Rubey, “we realized that these were not enough. We could get up to 5 bookings for these luxury motorcoaches in a day. Unfortunately, when this happened, we found ourselves either delaying our customers for up to a day or charging them more money so that we could rent motorcoaches from other transport service providers.”

Anne Rubey noted that on Christmas Day, her company had to request the customers to split into two groups to accommodate them in the minibusses. Anne pointed out that this was also costlier as the groups had to pay for two vehicles instead of one.

“Moreover,” continued Anne Rubey, “we regretted splitting groups of friends. After all, groups want to stay together to enjoy each other’s company on the road. This is why we had to act quickly and expand our motorcoach fleet.”

To learn more about A Step Above Limousine Service, visit the company’s website: https://www.astepabovelimo.com/

Anne Rubey noted that her company had added three new MCI J4500 motorcoaches. The CEO pointed out that each can carry 56 passengers.

“The day we received the highest requests for a 56-passenger motorcoach was on Christmas day last year,” said the CEO. “We had a total of 5 requests. But, unfortunately, the company had two 56-passenger vehicles. So, to cover all our bases and ensure we can handle as many as five requests simultaneously, we had to get three more motor coaches. This, however, is just the start. My company will acquire more motorcoaches as the year progresses.”

Anne Rubey noted that customers booking the motorcoaches should expect reduced costs.

“Renting additional motorcoaches was one of the reasons our customers had to pay a higher cost,” said Rubey. “Customers had to pay for the rental cost, and we also had to get some money to pay our chauffeurs by the end of the trip. Now that we no longer have to rent the motorcoaches, our customers can expect more affordable costs.”

The CEO noted that when renting motorcoaches from other companies, A Step Above Limousine Service had to keep customizations to the bare minimum. However, with the new vehicles, the company is reportedly better positioned to care for all its client’s needs.

“When you rent a motorcoach,” said Anne Rubey, “the owning company expects the vehicle to be returned to them the same way you acquired it. Therefore, even though we could add drinks to the rented motorcoaches, we had to ignore some of our client’s requests—especially those that would alter the rented motorcoaches significantly. However, our vehicles can implement every request our clients make. We will tell stories in the A Step Above Limousine Service Media Room showcasing how we fulfill our client’s needs for customized travel vehicles.”

Those who are interested in booking a luxury ride with A Step Above Limousine Service, can visit the company’s offices at 1917 Scott Futrell Dr, Charlotte, NC 28208, United States. Alternatively, readers can call +1 704-605-1108 or send an email to info@astepabovelimo.com.


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