Backyard Bug Patrol Reminds It’s Renewal Time for Tick and Mosquito Seasonal Packages

January 24, 2023 at 17:48

Great Falls, Virginia -

Great Falls, Virginia-based Backyard Bug Patrol has been providing quality pest control services to those in the areas of Virginia and Maryland that it serves for many years. This includes this popular pest control company's highly rated tick and mosquito seasonal Barrier Spray Programs. Something which the company owner, John Mitchell, wanted to remind last year’s recipients of this service that it’s Renewal Time again for their tick and mosquito seasonal packages.

Mitchell says, “Soon the cold weather will break and give rise to warmer late winter and early fall temperatures. While this is great in some ways for us, don’t forget that pests such as mosquitoes and ticks welcome warmer weather too as they can start to thrive again. That’s why we are putting out a reminder to current customers to renew their seasonal bug treatments and for new customers to consider taking advantage of our advanced tick and mosquito seasonal treatments.”

He went on to say that these treatments are scheduled at regular intervals throughout each year’s tick and mosquito season. There is no need for a customer to call and schedule a treatment as they automatically make a treatment schedule for each customer when they sign up for or renew the service. According to him, there is no easier and more worry-free way to make backyards in the Maryland and Virginia areas that they serve more comfortable to be in during the busy tick and mosquito seasons. Renewals will include 10% off seasonal barrier spray packages if the full amount is paid by February 28th or 5% off on seasonal barrier spray packages if half the amount is paid in full by February 28th with the balance is due on June 1st. Tick tunnel deals are also available. More on Backyard Bug Patrol’s seasonal Barrier Spray Programs can be seen on the company’s website or its Facebook Page at

Those that have taken advantage of Backyard Bug Patrol’s seasonal tick and mosquito treatments often rave about the results in reviews. Joann Hines proclaimed, “We have been using Backyard Bug Patrol's mosquito barrier treatments for many years and we've been very pleased with the results! Our backyard used to have so many mosquitoes that our kids would be bitten every time they went outside to play. But Backyard Bug Patrol has drastically reduced the number of mosquitoes and gnats in our backyard so that my kids now enjoy being outside again! We also added the Backyard Bug Patrol rodent bait services, and it has gotten rid of our problems with mice in our house.” Kelli Atangan stated, “We have been using BBP for over 5 years now and have seen a marked decrease in ticks in our yard. The back of our home borders the woods and we have a small yard with neighbors very close on each side. Before using them, we had ticks on our patio and crawling up our sliding back doors. I even found one on our garage door once in the front of the house! Since using them, we hardly ever see a tick except for a warm March before they get started. They have said that if we do see one during the season, they will come back out and spray. I think that happened once in over five years. They are friendly, considerate with the yard, and always email, call, and ring the bell to let us know they are coming or here. I would highly recommend their services!” These reviews were taken from the company’s Google Maps Business Listing at where they have an admirable 4.9 out of a possible 5-star average rating on over 100 reviews.

Mitchell went on to say that their customers not only like the effectiveness of the seasonal tick and mosquito treatments that they apply but also like the fact that these are what they call their ‘Flower Power Treatments’. That’s because they use a plant-based spray that will not harm kids or pets. They will even come back out to a customer’s house at no charge for a tick or mosquito treatment in-between scheduled applications if that customer notices an increase in those pests. He welcomes those that already have gotten seasonal pest treatments from them in the past to call him and talk more about renewals and he mentioned he is always happy to talk to new customers about establishing an initial tick and mosquito seasonal Barrier Spray Treatment plan.


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