Buy Moving Leads to Make New Offers for the Upcoming Slow Season

September 19, 2023 at 16:22

Seacliff, California -

Buy Moving Leads, a company in Aptos, CA, that specializes in providing the best moving leads to auto transport and moving companies, is set to introduce new offers for the upcoming slow season. After the back-to-school rush and as the temperatures start to cool down before the Christmas season, the housing market also cools down, and so does the moving industry, which is related to the real estate market. Nevertheless, while there may be less listings during the current season, the listings that become available on the market can be more profitable for local moving services, commercial movers, international movers, long distance movers, and auto transport companies.

Mark Jackson, CFO at Buy Moving Leads, says, “If you are a mover who is tired of getting bad leads that never turn into revenue, buy moving leads from us and get live call transfers from the people interested in your services. Long distance moving calls and local call transfers are available. We’ll even do the heavy lifting and pre-screen the leads for you, so all you have to worry about is finalizing the deal. A live call transfer is when a prospective customer is connected to your business through our call center.”

Buy Moving Leads

He adds, “Here’s a tip for the slow season - many moving companies will simply shut down because of their limited budget. But if you manage to remain open, you will have less competition and have customers who are eager to make the move.”

A live call transfer is when prospective customer is connected to the moving company via the Buy Moving Leads call center. First, the customer calls the toll-free number of Buy Moving Leads and gets in contact with one of their friendly call center agents. Second, the call center agent asks several questions with the goal of determining their moving needs, such as their location, timeframe, and budget. Third, after qualifying the lead, Buy Moving Leads transfers the call to the moving company in real-time so that the moving firm can close the deal.

As a moving lead provider, they offer various kinds of leads that moving companies can choose from. These include: home moving leads, auto transport leads, container leads, international leads, and last-minute leads. Home moving leads are those interested in hiring a moving company for their upcoming change in address. Auto transport leads are those who are planning to ship their vehicle. Container leads are those who need to use a shipping container for their move. International leads are people planning to move to another country. Lastly, last-minute leads are those who have to move on short notice.

Mark Jackson says, “Our customer local and long distance leads are verified and approved by our own filtering and follow-through process. We promise to deliver you quality customers to make the most of your time. Other lead companies will offer discounted rates for customer leads with at a much lower level of quality. Our local and long distance leads are verified and solid, that’s what makes us the leader in providing this product. Some even call us pinnacle of best moving leads providers.”

Buy Moving Leads wants to point out that they provide the fastest and simplest way for companies to find quality moving leads. They employ several innovative technologies and strategies that make them stand out from other lead companies. These include: customized lead generation, provision of free estimates at competitive prices to keep the moving companies profitable, and intelligent marketing.

Buy Moving Leads was established to provide assistance to auto transport and moving companies in growing their businesses by providing quality leads to help them look for new customers. Mark and Amanda Jackson, the husband and wife team who created Buy Moving Leads, has several years of experience in the transportation industry and fully understand how hard it is to find quality new leads for a moving business. They are always looking for a way for moving companies to succeed in finding new leads with much less effort. Mark Jackson is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Buy Moving Leads and he has a degree in accounting and finance, which gives him to vital insights on how to help clients optimize their leads buying process.

Those who would like to know more about getting new leads for their moving company can visit the Buy Moving Leads website at or contact them through the telephone or by email.


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