Design-Build Shower Remodeling Offered To Tempe Homeowners

July 26, 2023 at 16:47

Chandler, AZ based Phoenix Home Remodeling (PHR) is extending their shower remodeling services to clients in Tempe, AZ and the surrounding areas. The company is widely known for their expertise in shower remodels and its commitment to the Design-Build approach, which prioritizes planning and accountability to ensure a smooth experience for all. See more here: Tempe Shower Remodeling.

“With temperatures in Tempe going through the roof,” comments a representative from the company, “you may find yourself looking for new ways to stay cool — and it makes a new shower more valuable. Homeowners across the state have always been immensely proud of their showers, and this is no different in Tempe. Phoenix Home Remodeling will help you design a brand new installation that makes your shower the envy of everyone in your neighborhood.”

Tempe shower remodeling

There are many reasons why homeowners should choose a reputable Design-Build contractor for their shower remodel. According to the company, showers are notoriously difficult to do right, especially when they are above the ground floor, and some contractors may require the client to sign a waiver before agreeing to get started. For obvious reasons, Phoenix Home Remodeling strongly advises against this.

In fact, the team even refuses to continue work on projects that have been partially completed by other parties. They only trust themselves not to skip steps to save time or money, so no work by unknown contractors will be trusted. This is one reason the company encourages homeowners to get in touch with them first if they are considering a shower remodel in the near future.

The primary issue is that an improper installation can lead to leaks, thereby requiring the entire project to be started from scratch. In extreme cases, the entire bathroom may need to be remodeled in order to locate the leak, rectify the damage and properly complete the installation. Phoenix Home Remodeling says this may require all of the new tile, cement board and so on to be ripped out, following which a new shower will have to be paid for yet again. This is compounded by the fact that homeowner’s insurance tends to cover little — if any — of these expenses.

As such, the right way to proceed is in stages, identifying what the client wants, what their present shower consists of and how it can be dismantled safely before the installation can begin. There are several steps to the process, and skipping any of them greatly increases the risk of failure. At Phoenix Home Remodeling, no stage is taken for granted. See more here: Phoenix Home Remodeling - Tempe Home Remodeling.

Clients may wish to hear from other homeowners who have trusted in Phoenix Home Remodeling and the Design-Build process. For instance, an excerpt from a review by Lisa K. says, “Phoenix Home Remodeling renovated three bathrooms for us-pretty much one right after the other. At the time we contracted with them, we were exhausted from other home repairs and remodeling. We wanted a company that would make things as easy and painless as possible. And PHR met that criteria 100%. From our first meeting to scope out the project, through design and then construction and clean up, this company said exactly what they would do, when they would do it and kept their word.”

This sentiment is echoed throughout the feedback the company receives. Erica W. says, “I’m so pleased with how my home remodel turned out! The Phoenix Home Remodel team was easy to work with, responsive, professional, etc. It was a big project, and I felt like I had a true partnership with Steve, Mark and Ben to navigate the few complexities that came up along the way. I hear horror stories about remodel projects gone wrong, so I was a bit nervous going into it, but the PHR team got it right! Definitely recommend them for your home remodeling projects. Thanks, PHR!”

Tempe homeowners are encouraged to learn more about shower remodeling techniques and why they should only trust an experienced, reputable contractor for such projects. The Phoenix Home Remodeling team is available via phone, email or even social media if anyone would like to start such a discussion today.


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