Emerald Isle Health & Recovery Is Well-Known for Addiction Treatment in Scottsdale Arizona Area

March 23, 2022 at 16:01

Youngtown, Arizona -

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, which is based in Sun City, AZ, is proud to announce its growing popularity with regard to addiction treatment in the Scottsdale Arizona area, including mental health care and services. Their reputation as a premier addiction treatment Scottsdale provider has been due in part to the reputation of Arizona having healing properties. In addition, the Sonora desert and its surroundings have contributed to the impressive backdrop to the clients’ journey towards recovery at Emerald Isle.

Scottsdale is located east of Phoenix and is popular as a travel and recreational destination because of its golf courses, spas, resorts, and natural surroundings. Scottsdale and neighboring communities have developed a reputation of being destinations for people who require medical treatment. For decades, many people have traveled to this area because of its abundant sunshine, low average humidity, and a large number of treatment facilities. Many of these facilities are focused on addiction treatment. Those who have an alcohol or substance abuse problem may find the facility that they are looking for in Scottsdale, whatever the nature of their problem is.

The healing beauty of Arizona shows the promise of addiction treatment in Scottsdale with Emerald Isle Health and Recovery

An alcohol rehab program is available for those who suffer from alcohol use disorder (AUD). AUD is a condition that includes both non-addicted alcohol abuse and alcoholism. The Scottsdale facility provided by Emerald Isle provides evidence-based treatments, which can be helpful for those with overlapping problems. They offer a comprehensive set of services that include: drug and alcohol interventions; an onsite methadone clinic; primary alcohol treatment; safe, supervised drug and alcohol detox; mental health assessments and evaluations; treatment for a wide range of mental illnesses; primary treatment for common and uncommon sources of drug addiction; and help for combined substance and mental health issues.

Meanwhile, they also would like to highlight the use of the insurance coverage provided by Amerihealth for rehab at Emerald Isle, including that of the newly launched Evernorth carrier. AmeriHealth is the common name for a number of companies that offer health insurance coverage, such as AmeriHealth New Jersey, AmeriHealth Pennsylvania, and AmeriHealth Caritas. It also includes two more companies: the AmeriHealth Administrators, which offers administrative services to different sectors of the healthcare industry; and the AmeriHealth Casualty Services, which is focused on workers’ compensation insurance.

Drug and alcohol problems are covered by AmeriHealth Insurance for behavioral health. This includes treatment for behavioral problems and mental health issues. Specifically, these are covered by AmeriHealth Caritas, which offers behavioral health coverage through a separately managed care company called PerformCare. All PerformCare policies are focused on holistic healthcare.

Meanwhile, Evernorth Insurance provides personal health insurance coverage by working with individuals, businesses, and corporations. Some of their most popular policies are: inMynd, which offers employees access to support systems and experts in anxiety, depression and insomnia; SafeGuardX, which covers complex health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and inflammatory disorders; health ways to work during the pandemic; and a safety net for those seeking experimental treatment, such as gene therapy.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery was founded with the goal of making it easier for people to get access to addiction treatment and recovery. Through the years, they have been continuously developing and innovating new treatment approaches while combining services for both substance abuse and mental health problems. Their creative strategy is based on a personalized, evidence-based treatment that is targeted towards the whole person aspects of care by making sure that the provision of comprehensive medical and clinical care to patients will lead to long term sustainable recovery. They have carefully chosen the location of their rehab facilities to ensure that patients have a high level of privacy and that they can avoid those people, things and places that may trigger their addiction.

People who would like to know more about the treatment services provided by Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, including info on the Amerihealth and Evernorth coverage for rehab, can visit their website, or contact them on the telephone. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, at any day of the week.


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