Emerj360 Stresses Importance of Retirement Planning

February 14, 2023 at 16:22

Emerj360, a company based in La Crosse, WI, wants to highlight the importance of retirement planning. Retirement is something that every American will eventually face and it is a good idea to begin preparing for it as soon as possible. Financial planning provides a systematic approach that helps people manage their money and expenses and then save and invest for a particular financial goal, such as retirement. Financial planning can offer an individual peace of mind as it can deal with the financial stressors, as it minimizes risks and uncertainty, such as the individual’s financial needs after retirement. Those who would like to know more about retirement planning can check out their website.

Heather Jordan CFP® MBA, managing director at Emerj360, says, “A lot of people, when they hear ‘financial plan,’ think they don't need one because they don't have a complicated financial situation. The reality is that everyone should have a plan and it doesn't have to be complex. It can be something that we work on over time.”

Emerj360 offers valuable information resources on planning, saving, investing, and retiring. For instance, the topics of recently published articles include reviewing one’s budget, how a financial professional can help, and key life events that need financial planning. Another important resource provided on the Emerj360 website. This online calculator provides an estimate of a person’s estimated monthly retirement income after entering current income, years to retirement, current retirement savings, percentage of employer and employee contribution, and investment style. This retirement calculator can provide the answer to question on whether a person will have enough to retire at the preferred point in time. This calculator can be accessed at https://emerj360.com/retirement-calculator/.

The Emerj360 team can provide the answers to all of the vital financial questions that a person may have. These include: whether one is ready for retirement; when to start taking social security; using 401(k) in retirement; investment risks to take as one nears retirement; whether it makes sense to carry debt into retirement; whether one needs a financial plan; active versus passive investing; diversifying one’s portfolio; growth stocks versus value stocks; the benefits of consolidation within a 401(k); how much to save in a 401(k); simple tips to organize one’s finances; why it is never too late to save for retirement; retirement rollover options; social security benefits before and after retirement; computing retirement savings; preparing for one’s next milestone moment; keeping financial accounts cyber-secure; the need for an evolving financial plan; and more.

They also want to point out how Emerj360 is different from other financial planning service providers. First of all, they offer the services of fiduciaries, which always provide unbiased advice that is for the best interest of their clients, unlike bankers, broker-dealers, and money managers. Second, the Emerj360 team is based on the stable foundation of Trust Point, which has been helping many people with their different financial needs since 1913. The team can draw on the vast experience, knowledge, and expertise that Trust Point has gained over the past century to help clients have more confidence in their financial decisions. Third, clients know they have someone they can depend on and who can provide highly responsive service and they won’t need to wait several days to hear from that someone. And lastly, their clients can gain power through the knowledge and education they provide.

Founded in 2021, Emerj360 serves as a new resource for people to eliminate the stress and confusion out of the most important decisions they’ll make in their lifetime. With the company’s financial experts, resources, easy to use online tools, people need not waste their time worrying and spend more time on what is important for them. The company’s team of experts can provide valuable insights and knowledge on various money issues and help people retire with confidence.

Those who are interested in learning more about financial planning can check out the Emerj360 website at emerj360.com or contact them through the phone or via email.


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