Fellman Law Office, PLLC Announces Expansion of Criminal Defense Services To Include Irving, TX

October 18, 2022 at 16:24

Fellman Law Office, a criminal defense law firm located in Dallas, has expanded its services to Irving, Texas. The firm offers criminal defense services to individuals accused of committing a crime. The attorneys at Fellman Law Office, PLLC, are committed to providing their clients with the best possible representation and will work tirelessly to ensure their client’s rights are protected.

Criminal defense lawyers provide the essential service of ensuring the constitutional rights of those accused of committing a criminal offense are respected and protected. Fellman Law Office is proud to offer its services to residents of Irving, TX. Fellman Law Office ensures its clients are treated fairly and respectfully.

Marc Fellman

The firm’s attorneys carefully review the evidence for every case to determine whether the State has sufficient evidence to meet its burden of proof or whether the police may have illegally stopped or searched the defendant. On some occasions, where a criminal case is brought as the result of an illegal stop, arrest, or search by the police, the firm may be able to file a Motion to Suppress seeking to have evidence suppressed and charges dismissed.

Residents in Irving, TX, who may need a criminal defense attorney, should know that choosing the right lawyer is essential. Some criminal defense firms may delegate essential tasks to paralegals or junior associates, or simply may not be willing to spend enough time to get the best result possible. At Fellman Law Office, the firm’s founder, attorney Marc Fellman is personally involved in reviewing the evidence, trying cases, and arguing any dispositive motions for all cases. And the firm is committed to appearing for as many court dates as needed to get the best possible result for each case, for a flat fee.

One out of every three Americans has an arrest record. (Source: The Economist) This statistic doesn’t include the number of people arrested but never charged with a crime. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) reports that in Irving, TX., there were 5527 cases in which a criminal defense attorney was engaged for representation. Unfortunately, it is a sad reality that not everyone charged with a crime retains an effective criminal defense attorney. These statistics show the importance of Irving’s residents having access to quality criminal defense representation.

Fellman Law Office, PLLC offers criminal defense services that meet the needs of residents in Irving, TX. Its attorneys have extensive experience handling criminal law cases and a proven track record of success in court.

“Fellman Law Office, PLLC is proud to offer its criminal defense services to residents of Irving, TX. While no criminal defense attorney can guarantee a particular outcome for a case, Fellman Law Office does guarantee that a client’s chances of having their charges dismissed or reduced significantly increase with an experienced criminal defense attorney in their corner. Often for first-time offenses, the firm is able to negotiate a dismissal through pretrial diversion or a similar agreement with the District Attorney’s office” - Marc Fellman, Founding Attorney.

Those interested in learning more about the legal services offered by the Fellman Law Office can contact the firm directly at 214-530-2056 to schedule a consultation.


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