Greenwald Law Providing Hope & Competent Legal Services for Those Accused of Serious Crimes in the Hudson Valley Area

October 12, 2022 at 22:53

The Middletown-based Law Office of Benjamin Greenwald, a proven NY criminal defense attorney, has long been dedicated to helping those accused of serious crimes get the legal representation they are entitled to under the law. In addition to an accomplished track record regarding criminal court proceedings, those that are accused of serious crimes that come to the firm seeking assistance also find they are being represented by a legal team that fully understands their concerns and will go the extra mile on their behalf.

Attorney Greenwald says, “Far too often in this country, people find themselves feeling judged as being guilty the moment they are charged with any type of serious crime. Fortunately, no matter how serious the nature of a crime is, every citizen in this country is considered not guilty under the law until proper jurisprudence has run its course and guilt is proven. That’s why my competent legal team and I will use our many years of criminal defense experience to ensure that our clients get the best possible outcomes in their criminal cases. I like to describe this as giving hope to an accused person that suddenly finds themselves in a very difficult and stressful situation.”

The founder of the Greenwald Law Office - Middletown New York then went on to talk about some of his firm’s criminal defense specialties. A long list that includes helping persons that are accused of all sorts of drug crimes. He says their extensive drug criminal defense experience gives them an in-depth understanding of the rules and criminal procedures that federal courts adhere to in these cases and that allows them to initiate a proper defense for even the most serious drug allegations. The Greenwald Attorney-led firm also has extensive experience dealing with the defense of those charged with DWI and DUI crimes. That means they are always prepared to uphold the rights and freedoms of those accused of criminal driving offenses whether this is the first time a person is being charged or even a third or fourth time. He stated that he and his legal team members also realize the seriousness that surrounds criminal sexual conduct charges and how a guilty verdict relating to those types of charges can alter someone’s life forever. Therefore, they are always ready to do whatever it takes to build a solid defense when handling these types of criminal cases.

Some examples of the other types of criminal defense cases the members of the firm’s legal team are skilled at handling include domestic assault, violent crimes, armed robbery, burglary, arson, manslaughter, murder, and kidnapping. Attorney Greenwald says that he and his legal team are always willing to help those that are accused of the above-mentioned crimes and others no matter how big or small their charges may appear to be. It was also mentioned by him that in addition to providing solid criminal defense representation, the legal experts at the Greenwald Firm have proven to be very reliable when litigating a wide variety of personal injury matters.

Those who have had their criminal cases handled by the Greenwald Law Firm often express extreme satisfaction and gratitude for the conscientious way the firm’s lawyers and support staff helped litigate their defense. Miles Maynard proclaimed, “I am so lucky to have found Benjamin Greenwald for my representation. He and his staff were wonderful at communicating with me and guiding me through this difficult process. I am extremely thankful for his counsel, services, and the results of my representation. Thanks again for everything. You guys are awesome. Shoutout to Jessica for answering my many questions.” J S stated, “I cannot express how incredibly attentive and helpful Mr. Greenwald is. He’s extremely passionate about helping his clients and giving them the best possible solution. If you’re looking for an attorney that will help you through some of the worst times in your life, you can definitely rely on him.”

Those in such Hudson Valley locations as Middletown, Orange County, Woodbury, Sullivan County, Duchess County, Newburgh, and Ulster County, NY that stand charged with serious crimes can reach the Greenwald Firm by phone or by website contact form.


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