HandStations Brings Quality Hand Sanitiser Machines to Bristol

April 06, 2022 at 17:07

Bristol, England -

HandStations is a new leading hand sanitiser supplier known for supplying quality products at affordable rates. They have a wide range of automatic hand sanitiser machines and refill cartridges.

HandStations is glad to bring the high-quality HandStation Elite and HandStation Eco range of hand sanitiser machines to Bristol. A newly established brand, HandStations, is committed to improving hand hygiene standards and accessibility in the UK. These hand sanitiser machines from HandStations are designed to become the next generation of germ protection that can minimise disease outbreaks and contamination.

Made to be automatic, touch-free, easy to assemble, the HandStation Elite and HandStation Eco range of hand sanitiser machines also come covered by a 2-year guarantee. With reliability and convenience at its heart, HandStations uses advanced sanitiser technology available to reduce their users' expenses.

Their liquid hand sanitizer refill is an alcohol-free option that comes from an award-winning brand like Nilaqua and is part of the Waterless Limited Company. HandStation also offers alcohol-based hand sanitisers produced by their brand, which are available in both liquid format with 80% alcohol & gel format with 70% alcohol.

HandStation also brings the all-new FlowFlex COVID Test, a UK-approved Rapid COVID-19 Lateral Flow Antigen Test Kit. HandStations has used the latest tech to create this nasal only swab test to guarantee high-accuracy, fast, and easy results. Even if the symptoms of COVID-19 are not evident, this new lateral flow test guarantees to identify the presence of the virus in the body. With the launch of the latest products, HandStations has paved the path to a revolutionised way of identifying asymptomatic COVID and enhancing cycles of sanitisation.

Produced in Great Britain, HandStation's sanitisers have a proven record of killing 99.99% of germs on surfaces for up to 30 days and on the skin for up to 24 hours. Their innovative germ-killing technologies have been proven commendably effective against a wide variety of viruses and bacteria. Their quality of products and excellent customer care service have brought them top-rated customer reviews on platforms like Google & Trustpilot.

For more information, visit https://handstations.co.uk/

James Gunter, the Sales Director of HandStations, says, “The COVID-19 pandemic has made me, like everybody else, realise how important sanitising is. That is why I launched HandStations early on the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. I have seen companies charging unbelievably high rates for their sanitiser products and dispensers making it difficult for the common crowd to buy them. This sparked the idea of creating a brand that supplies the highest quality of sanitisers at ethical prices. Thankfully, everybody has loved our products! I just wish everybody stays safe during these worrying times.”

HandStations sources their products from reputed brands across the country to ensure the standards of their products. The best part about HandStations is that they offer after-sales support to their customers - this is how much they are committed to their customers' satisfaction. A family-owned and operated business, HandStations pride itself on building long-term relationships based on a foundation of reliability & trust. The team at HandStations is down-to-earth & is committed to exceeding their customers' expectations.

About the Company

HandStations is a newly established hand sanitiser supplier that offers quality automatic hand sanitiser machines and refills cartridges. Their mother business is Hillside Hand Dryers, renowned for its speed, quality of service, and affordable products.


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James Gunter
Unit 12, Rockhill Estate, Wellsway, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1PF, United Kingdom