Introducing Classy Spirits Filtration from Home: The Ultimate Liquor Filter

April 25, 2022 at 17:28

Santa Ana, California -

Classy Spirits Filtration from Home is introducing a new liquor filter that has been lab-tested to show decreased levels of Acetone and Acetaldehyde while still retaining the alcohol content. This filtering is said to not reduce the percentage of alcohol in your bottled spirits. Readers who want to see Classy Spirits liquor filtration can access Classy Spirits Filtration on its website at their leisure.

The company designed and built this new filter that claims to improve liquor quality. After the company batch tested the filter's ability to remove impurities, as well as the final filtration capabilities, they hoped consumers would be confident verifying their claims before investing in the device. Additionally lab testing on the ABV (alcohol by volume) or, the percentage of alcohol, that is in the bottled spirit appeared to show the filter had not reduced the percentage of alcohol in the tested bottled spirits.

Alcohol Filter

A spokesman for the company discussed the development of the product, saying, “This is a new product that we are excited about introducing to the world. We hope everybody enjoys it as much as our team did during its development stage. This can only be achieved with the right filtration technology as well as by our determination for success. We have had compliments thanking us for investing in, and finally creating a product that is affordable enough to use at home. After working for years to hone Classy Spirits' capabilities we are confident you’ll enjoy the benefits. The exclusive technology of the filter was designed to make it possible to drink your favorite drinks without feeling guilty for possibly damaging your liver or risking poisoning yourself with the associated filtered chemicals in alcohol.”

Classy Spirits elaborated on the process used in filtering alcohol,” We composed Classy Spirits videos detailing the process used to remove impurities. Classy Spirits Filtration Systems wanted to be different from other liquor filters because these systems work with distilled and aged spirits: vodka, tequila, whiskey, cognac & brandy. Each device filters roughly twenty 750 ml bottles of alcohol before it needs to be replaced and each pack comes with a "flush" so that you can switch from one variety of alcohol to the next. Classy Spirits replacement filters come in packs of two, each pack with two replaceable filters seeks to give a wider range of filtering capabilities for multiple varieties of bottles. Classy Spirits Filtration overcomes the issue of having to lug around bulky, heavy liquor filtration systems. Now with our new design, we created our easy-to-carry design. With the introduction of Classy Spirits Filtration from Home, we have taken away one more step in making quality spirits filtration easier and more affordable than we have seen before. If you have always wanted to improve the flavor profile of your favorite alcoholic beverage visit us on Facebook to pursue our latest offers.”

Classy Spirits Filtration can be found online, for purchase at its online store and welcomes comments and feedback from its customers. You can also find more information on the testing mentioned in this article on their website. Customized order boxes are available upon request and shipped with any of the add-ons that are available." title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture


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