Lighting Bay Offers Indoor Lighting Fixtures & Fittings and More at Pixabiz Shopping Mall

October 03, 2022 at 16:38

Darwen, England -

Lighting Bay has joined the Pixabiz Shopping Mall to offer select products from their online lighting store. Lighting Bay, which sells home and garden lighting products on their own website, has noted an improvement in traffic to their main website after joining the Pixabiz Community of websites with a mini store found at It is important to note that the Pixabiz Shopping Mall displays various home and garden products and Lighting Bay's light fittings perfectly complement the items that are on offer. Currently, Lighting Bay is offering a discount sale for their downlights, with fixed and tilt downlights and other types available at up to 40 percent discount from their regular price.

A.Ahmed from Lighting Bay says, “Pixabiz has been very helpful in the promotion of our sale for lighting fixtures and fittings. Adding our products to the Pixabiz Shopping Mall and the mini website that we were able to use on their Commuunity sites, and their digital marketing services have all helped to increase the traffic to our main website, thus increasing the number of people who get informed about our promotional offer.”

Lighting Bay on Pixabiz Shopping Mall

Ismail Ougradar from Pixabiz says, “We’ve found it very enjoyable to work with Lighting Bay. We're looking forawrd to helping other small businesses like them that offer great products and great service.”

The downlights being offered by Lighting Bay are available in a number of finishes, such as Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Brass, White, Pink, Opal, Green, and more. Examples of downlights from Lighting Bay include the: SL015-1 Aquaspot IP65 (Finish: Brass); GIMGZ Tilt Downlight Gu10 (Finish: White); GEB Tilt Glass Downlight (Finish: Opal); GDL-Step Glass Downlight (Finish: Blue); DLLRT01 Diecast Tilt Lock Ring Downlight; DLGZ Fixed Downlight (Finish: White); DL306 Diecast Tilt Downlight (Finish: Brushed Chrome); DL305 Diecast Fixed Downlight (Finish: Gun Metal); and more.

Lighting Bay has added more than 350 products to the Pixabiz Shopping Mall. These can be categorized as: downlights, kitchen lights, bathroom lights, LED lights, spotlights, external garden lights, deck lights, wall lights, IP65 waterproof lights, IP44 waterproof lights, and weatherproof lights. These products can be seen at

Lighting Bay was established to provide a great service for customers’ lighting needs, from outdoor garden lighting to inspirational lighting solutions. They offer lighting fixtures and solutions for the dining room, kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedrooms. They are committed to supplying only the top quality products at unrivalled prices. They fully understand that the current economic climate is challenging and therefore offer relatively low prices.

The Pixabiz Shopping Mall displays products form all of their clients’ websites and other offering throughout the web. They offer home and garden furniture, canvases, fireplaces, lighting and even barbecues and garden tools. Also on display are menswear, women’s sections, and perfumery. They also have also watches and handbags, and a broad selection of products for biking enthusiasts.

Pixabiz also provides a fully-functional website that is all done for the client. Available are mini websites like the one used by Lighting Bay. These are “online presence” websites that are suitable for small businesses, startups, and home-based businesses. They can also provide lead generation websites, which are complete websites with several pages, service pages, and “enquiry forms” that are built-in to help in generating leads and sales. They also offer booking websites, which are complete websites that are designed to accept appointment bookings and payments. These are integrated on the site and synced with the client’s google or other calendars. And finally, they also offer fully functional e-commerce websites for professionally displaying products, accepting payments, and managing sales.

The Pixabiz site provides small businesses with a helping hand by providing a site within Pixabiz. The small business can use this site as their “authority” to gain credibility and then get a good push up the rankings in the search engine results. Those who are interested in the lighting categories of Pixabiz can check out


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