Manhattan Divorce Attorney Ryan Besinque Explains The Different Aspects of Divorce Under New York State Law

August 11, 2022 at 21:39

Manhattan divorce attorney Ryan Besinque releases a new article ( discussing the particularities of New York divorce laws. The lawyer empathizes with the fact that divorce proceedings are often an emotional time and that what happens during a divorce can affect an individual’s life in the long run. Thus, the attorney mentions, that it is important to have at least a brief background of what getting a divorce may entail in New York.

New York has two types of divorces under the law. Contested and uncontested divorce. The attorney explains that the main difference between the two types is the existence of the marriage partners’ mutual agreement and cooperation. For an uncontested divorce, the partners can come to a consensus regarding the major decisions in their marriage such as asset division, child support, alimony, child custody, and visitation.

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For contested divorces, however, the process is more complicated. “When marital partners can’t agree on the details of their divorce, it becomes “contested” and the court will weigh the facts and make the decisions for the couple. In this case, it’s important that both parties hire their contested divorce lawyer. A contested divorce lawyer can help a couple negotiate the terms of their divorce and make sure that each partner receives a favorable settlement,” according to the Manhattan divorce attorney.

Before 2010, New York law only allowed divorces to couples who can prove that grounds such as adultery, abandonment, and cruel and inhuman treatment took place during the marriage. Upon the passing of a law enacting “no-fault divorces”, couples can now apply for a divorce upon mutual agreement that marriage is irreparably broken. Attorney Besinque mentions that no-fault divorce is the common preference of couples today.

Aside from attorney fees, couples seeking to file a divorce in New York can expect to pay $335 along with submitting the filing forms. Additional fees apply when filing for motions and making a Stipulation for Settlement, depending on the situation. According to attorney Besinque, the fees for serving the divorce papers could cost from $100 to $200 charged by the court, a third-party process server, or the judge.

Manhattan divorce attorney Ryan Besinque also explains that “In a divorce, there is often the need to address the continuing financial support of one of the marital partners to make sure that he or she isn’t left at a financial disadvantage. Alimony or spousal support is the temporary or permanent support of one spouse by the other. In New York, spousal support or alimony is calculated based on each spouse’s income and then makes adjustments based on child care and other factors.”

Dealing with spousal support, in addition to child custody and visitation rights, and other such matters for discussion in a divorce can be difficult for an individual. Attorney Besinque emphasizes the importance of seeking a qualified New York divorce attorney in navigating complicated divorce proceedings.

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