Microblading Training Provider 3D Brows Academy Espouses Registration Under Utah's Postsecondary School Act

June 21, 2022 at 16:11

3D Brows Academy, a state-registered postsecondary school from Utah that teaches microblading and permanent makeup techniques, is drawing attention to the Postsecondary School Act and the many benefits that come with picking a school that is registered under the act.

The Chapter 34 Utah Postsecondary Proprietary School Act was enacted to spur innovation in the private postsecondary education and training industry while ensuring that the new schools that get established adhere to certain standards of delivering education. According to the act’s legislative intent, it aims to “assure and protect the integrity of certificates and diplomas conferred by proprietary postsecondary educational institutions,” “protect students and potential students from deceptively promoted, inadequately staffed, and unqualified proprietary institutions and programs,” and “avoid unnecessary interference by the division with the internal academic policies and management practices of postsecondary educational institutions, but to facilitate disclosure of those matters to students and the public.”

The founder and head instructor at 3D Brows Academy, Patty Willardsen, talks about her decision to pursue registration with the state of Utah by saying, “There are a lot of institutes out there offering substandard education while making lofty promises about the quality of their instruction. They manage to get away with it because they are not required to hold themselves to any accountability due to the way they are registered or, more applicably, are not registered. It also doesn’t help that many students take the slick sales talk from these training schools at face value and trust them with their hard-earned money. There is also a lack of awareness about state-enforced education standards that leaves many aspirants gullible when it comes time to pick a school that will respect their time and money. For example, exempt or non-registered educational institutes cannot offer a training session longer than 4-days. Basically, non-registered training sessions are considered weekend seminars, not schools. Hence, you see so many of our competitors only offering a 3-day training. We want to change this perception of fraudulent behavior, especially in the permanent makeup industry. This is why we went through the process of getting ourselves registered under the Postsecondary School Act. It shows our dedication to our students and our readiness to be subjected to strict professional assessment to gauge the quality of the education we are providing. We hope that those looking for the best permanent makeup training school in Utah consider 3D Brows Academy on account of our registration under the act. We also sincerely hope that other makeup training schools follow suit and raise the standards for education in this industry across the board. It will attract more students and move the entire industry forward by leaps and bounds.”

3D Brows Academy is one of the few education platforms in the permanent makeup industry to be a state-registered postsecondary school in the state of Utah (Consumer Protection Registration #9793244-9983). The family-owned and operated school offers several courses in beauty techniques such as microblading, shading & removal, permanent makeup, and 3D lash lift. The school has won the ASCP’s (Associated Skin Care Professionals) “North America’s Top Microblading Training Program” award for 2 years in a row. The training school also provides several beauty services, such as lash lifts, facials, brows, and eyeliner, directly to clients.

Microblading is a cosmetic technique that uses the principles of tattooing to add a temporary but long-lasting pigment to the recipient’s skin. It is especially useful in adding volume and refining the shape of a person’s eyebrows. The microblading training from 3d Brows Academy not only teaches students the fundamentals of microblading but also helps them learn the tricks of the trade to run a successful and profitable business. Class sizes are small to allow each student quality one-on-one time with instructors as they work on multiple live models from start to finish. The Utah school offers several microblading training courses of different scopes including online-only options.

3D Brows Academy can be contacted at (877) 332-7691 or jared@3dbrowsacademy.com for inquiries about its many course offerings.


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