Monterey Tree Service Experts Discuss Beneficial Insects and Bugs in the Yards and Landscapes

January 04, 2023 at 18:31

Monterey, California – Intending to eliminate the idea that all insects are harmful to trees and other plants and hence deserve to be killed, the CEO of Monterey Tree Service Experts shared earlier today about insects and bugs that are helpful to the landscape.

"It is common for homeowners to notice some pests on their landscape and rush to the nearby shop to buy an insecticide to kill them," said the CEO. "Not all insects on your landscape deserve to be controlled. You’ll be surprised to discover by the end of today how helpful some of those pests are in your landscape.”

Without wasting time, the CEO went ahead and gave a few examples of the beneficial insects in the yard.

"The first insects that shouldn’t be harmed are the lady beetles," said the CEO. "The larval and adult stages of this insect will help in controlling aphid populations. They also feed on spider mites."

"The second group of beneficial insects is called the predatory bugs," continued the CEO. "They include stink bugs, damsel bugs, minute pirate bugs, ambush bugs, and assassin bugs. They help in controlling leaf-eating caterpillars, the potato beetle, larvae, aphids, thrips, and spider mites."

"The last set of beneficial insects to be discussed today are the predatory mites," added the CEO. "The predatory mites specialize in eating mites that pose a big threat to plants and trees. These include the spruce spider mite, honey locust, oak mites, European red mites, and the two-spotted spider mite.”

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The CEO went ahead and provided the best control measure that can help to maintain a healthy balance of harmful and beneficial insect populations.

"The discussed insects are among the many others that deserve to be protected on the landscape at all costs," said the CEO. "Fortunately, most of them are also not harmful to humans or animals."

"Now, how do you conserve and protect the beneficial insects?" continued the CEO. "The answer to these is as simple as treating the trees that have a damaging population of insects on them, as opposed to spraying every part of the landscape or the yard. By doing so, one can keep the harmful insects to a minimum while preventing any harmful impact on the beneficial insect population in their yard.”

The CEO then urged homeowners to ask their trusted tree care companies for professional assistance in determining the beneficial and harmful insects.

"Just like stated earlier," said the CEO, "there are a high number of helpful pests and bugs. Without a lot of knowledge, in trees, one cannot tell what should stay and what should leave. Therefore, the homeowner should seek assistance from qualified tree care professionals. The professionals will also be in a better position to determine what control measures will work best on your property.”

Lastly, the CEO urged homeowners in Monterey and the entire neighborhood to make their tree care service appointments with Monterey Tree Service Experts.

"Monterey Tree Service Experts has proven its professionalism to homeowners in Monterey and its suburbs for over 20 years now," said the CEO. "The homeowners that have had a chance to work with the company within the past 20 years can attest to its expertise in handling pests, infections, fertilizing, and any other tree care procedure. For those who have not yet worked with the company, the time is now, so that in a few months, they can see the results of their investment."

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