Nature's Rise Research Pioneers Natural Solutions to Treat Anxiety and Insomnia

February 17, 2023 at 13:10

Sacramento, California -

Sacramento, California - Nature's Rise, a health-oriented company based in Sacramento, California, is proud to launch its newest research project to uncover natural ways to treat anxiety and insomnia. Through this research project, Nature's Rise hopes to develop new strategies and treatments that rely on natural remedies and lifestyle changes instead of medicinal drugs.

Founded by David Longacre, this revolutionary study is set to revolutionize how doctors approach treating these common mental health issues. A team of experts in the fields of psychology, nutrition and holistic medicine will conduct this innovative research. They will gather information from anecdotal evidence collected from volunteers and extensive scientific studies to find a more effective way for individuals to manage their mental health symptoms. The results of this study could alter how physicians perceive and address anxiety and sleeplessness for years to come.


"We are excited about this new project," said Longacre. "At Nature's Rise, we believe there are more holistic solutions to help people dealing with anxiety and insomnia without relying on pharmaceuticals. We are researching how lifestyle changes and adapting our environment can lead to better sleep and improved mental well-being."

Dr. Sony Sherpa, MD, is leading this research project to explore different solutions to manage anxiety and sleeping problems in an alternative, more natural way. Weighted blankets, warm-mist humidifiers, and functional mushrooms are among the options being considered, enabling patients in the study to experience long-term benefits due to the effects of these therapies.

Dr. Sony will be studying patients' responses when using the different solutions within a controlled environment, such as improving sleep quality, reducing stress levels or any other positive changes in the participants' well-being. The research team is also looking at how the treatments could be adapted for future use outside of this clinical setting by conducting interviews with existing users and collecting data from past studies on similar therapies.

Through this project, Dr. Sony hopes to provide a better understanding of how these solutions can be used to improve mental health and sleep without risking further complications with medication or other forms of treatment.

Nature's Rise is a holistic health company dedicated to finding innovative solutions for mental health problems. Over the past few years, the team at Nature's Rise has worked diligently to understand the underlying causes of anxiety and insomnia and develop treatments that can help improve those conditions.

By utilizing cutting-edge technologies, they have conducted numerous studies and identified promising results in their data. With these initial successes, Nature's Rise is ready to continue further research and development.

To ensure the highest quality products, they employ top-notch scientists and utilize the most advanced equipment available today. In addition, through studying animal models and exploring human clinical trials, they hope to create new treatments that are safe, effective, and widely accessible.

Additionally, Nature's Rise is committed to conducting ethical research that respects the well-being of all individuals involved in their projects. Ultimately, Nature's Rise strives to find ways to improve mental health outcomes through science and technology like no other company before them.

Interestingly, the company hopes to bring together medicinal mushrooms and weighted blankets technology to ensure everyone is having a good night's sleep. For more information on how Nature's Rise uses holistic treatments for mental health problems, visit


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