NY Community Benefits From Advanced Plantar Wart Treatment

June 27, 2022 at 16:52

New York based Harry G. Baldinger, DPM is pleased to share that their clinic can now offer the Swift treatment for plantar warts. Having just received a new Swift Microwave Wart Therapy machine, the podiatrist can now see many more patients for this painful condition.

Follow our Facebook, and you can see how patients are responding in our first Swift sessions,” says Dr. Baldinger. “We like to give our patients as much insight into the procedures they may undergo at our clinic, and sharing what others are saying about their treatment can be very helpful to those who are nervous about making an appointment. If you think you have a plantar wart, you may be dealing with a lot of pain any time you put weight on your foot. Come take a look at what our patients are saying about their Swift treatment, and talk to our team as well by scheduling a consultation. We’ll help you set your concerns aside and get you treated at once.”

To begin with, the Swift machine offers one major advantage that will help both the doctor and his patients: it is as fast as its name implies. Where other procedures are known to require multiple, lengthy sessions, Swift requires the patient to come in for treatment much less frequently — only about 3 or 4 treatments, about a month apart. Furthermore, each session takes between 5-10 minutes, and patients are often pleased to discover that they can walk out after visiting the clinic without experiencing any pain. There is virtually no recovery time associated with Swift.

“If you follow our Twitter,” Dr. Baldinger adds, “you’ll get updates on various types of foot problems that can help you determine whether you need professional help. You can also reach our office by sending them a message on this platform, and we will be happy to help you schedule a consultation.”

In such a consultation, he explains, patients are welcomed to ask any and all questions they may have while he carries out a thorough assessment of their feet to determine what the problem is (if any are present). Regarding Swift, for instance, Dr. Baldinger says patients tend to ask how painful it is, an unsurprising question given that plantar warts can be quite painful, leading the patient to assume that any treatment will be similarly difficult to deal with. However, this could not be further than the truth.

Dr. Baldinger says the Swift machine can be used to target the wart with extreme accuracy, to the point that the microwave energy it generates will not even break the surface of the skin. Patients may feel a little discomfort while the machine is in use, but this lasts no more than a few seconds. He says the patients he has already worked with have reported a sensation similar to a scratch, and this fades quite quickly. Some may experience soreness afterwards, but not so much that they are unable to walk normally or engage in other activities in their daily routine.

Men, women and children are all able to get treated at Dr. Baldinger’s practice, no matter what kind of foot problem they may present with. Regardless of whether their issue involves plantar warts, rashes, skin diseases, trauma as a result of injuries or any other condition, they can get prompt, professional help by approaching Harry G. Baldinger, DPM.

The clinic is extremely proud of all the work they do for their community, and many testimonials from satisfied patients can be found on their official website. “My daughter used to wake up every night screaming because her foot pain was so severe,” shares AL Monsey. “We tried everything, orthotics, different shoes, physical therapy and different specialists. Dr. Baldinger provided a solution that cured her for life. She is now pain-free. I could not believe how well this works.”

Dr. Baldinger and his team warmly invite local residents to schedule a consultation at their convenience if they are concerned about their feet. Even if the pain or discomfort is minimal today, it may develop into a bigger problem in time, so checking with a professional is the best way to find peace of mind. Bookings can be made online or by calling the office directly. See more here: https://drbaldinger.com/.


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