Patient Praises Mindfuli for Being “an Amazing Place to Recover Your Mental Health”

July 20, 2023 at 16:11

Dana Point, California -

Dana Point, California—A woman has left an enthusiastic five-star review of the “amazing” mental health treatment she’s receiving through Mindfuli, a virtual therapy network based in California.

“I'm so grateful and blessed to work with Jocelynne and Dr. Stacy at Mindfuli!” wrote the client. “They truly care and I feel so much better after a session with them! I'm making great progress each day! Mindfuli is an amazing place to recover your mental health!

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The client’s fervent endorsement is an indication of Mindfuli’s success in the growing specialty of virtual therapy, which provides care that’s convenient and cost-effective. Mindfuli offers flexible treatment plans and eliminates delays in setting appointments, crucial factors in ensuring that clients get the help they need when they need it.

Even more importantly, clients receive high-quality care at Mindfuli, which uses evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Both group and individual therapy are available.

Mindfuli offers treatment for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and schizoaffective disorders. Its therapists and counselors also help clients manage anger, anger, anxiety, depression, chronic health conditions, personal and family relationships, loneliness and the effects of trauma. Continuing care is also a big focus; follow-up is critical in enabling clients to achieve long-term relief.

While it’s a relatively new way of delivering mental health care, virtual therapy as practiced by Mindfuli is backed by scientific research and proven to be effective. The techniques and approaches used by Mindfuli’s therapists and counselors were developed by a team of researchers under the direction of Dr. Loren Martin, Mindfuli’s Chief Scientific Officer.

Research shows a strong collaborative relationship between a client and their therapist makes the biggest difference in treatment outcomes and is the most reliable predictor of successful outcomes outside of client characteristics. Mindfuli builds the “therapeutic alliance” using principles explored by researcher E.S. Bordin. Its process begins with the client and therapist agreeing on goals, followed by assignment of treatment tasks and the development of bonds that create trust.

Mindfuli takes the process to the next level with precise matching of clients and therapists. This is accomplished with its Our Care Pairing™ Technology, which utilizes a proprietary screening algorithm to only select counselors or therapists predicted to have the ability to develop strong alliances with their clients. Progress is monitored to make sure the alliance continues to be strong and effective.

Counseling is provided by licensed and associate-level therapists, all of whom are highly trained and have been screened for the personal characteristics needed to develop strong therapeutic alliances and create better outcomes. Between scheduled sessions, clients have access to a team of counselors for social, emotional and crisis support as needed.

Caare couneslors are specifically trained to provide crisis intervention, social and emotional support, accountabilit, and guidance throughout ytheir clients’ mental health journeys. Care counselors are not therapists, and thus do not provide psychotherapy. However, many psychotherapeutic interventions can be provided through exercises and tools assigned within Mindfuli, and care counselors help support and guide clients through these assignments their journeys to mental wellness.

Starting care with Mindfuli is simple. Clients fill out a brief personal profile and answer a few questions. They are then given a list of recommended therapists and counselors based on the alliance match and choose the one that fits. An appointment is set and treatment begins.

To connect with a mental health provider who can offer convenient and effective treatment from the comfort and security of one's home, visit Mindfuli or call 888-703-3004.


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