Peppy Is Boise Top Ductless Contractor and Is Featured in the Ductless Directory

August 16, 2023 at 22:23

Peppy Heating and Cooling, an HVAC contractor based in Boise, ID, takes pride in having achieved the reputation of being the leading ductless mini split contractor and installer, and being featured in the Ductless Directory. Peppy is also the only Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor, which implies they have earned the trust and respect of the leading brand of product in the United States. The company has also been recognized as a Ductless All Star, which is a designation given to only a few contractors nationally.

"We worked hard to earn our status as a Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor and continue our ongoing training to make sure we always bring the best to Boise customers who want to save money and increase their home comfort," says Brett Shannon, President of Peppy Heating and Cooling.

Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor Boise Idaho

The ductless mini split system offers many advantages. These include: savings of up to 50 percent in the electric bill; reduction of energy consumption, which is good for the environment; increased energy efficiency; two-in-one functionality, which means it can be used for cooling and for heating; better indoor air quality because air doesn’t go through dirty ductwork; quiet operation; advanced features; easy maintenance; and availability of rebates and incentives.

Peppy specializes in Mitsubishi ductless systems, although they also offer American Standard systems, because it is the considered to be the top manufacturer of such systems and provides a wide range of products with some of the best efficiencies. There are three vital factors that the ductless contractor has to address, which are: appropriate product selection; correct product placement; and professional installation.

More and more homeowners in Boise are going ductless and more companies are starting to offer ductless installation. However, it doesn't mean that all of them have the necessary knowledge and expertise. Hiring the appropriate ductless mini split contractor is vital for homeowners. Aside from being the only Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor, Peppy has also gained recognition as a Ductless All Star.

Brett Shannon says, "Every ductless installation is a custom installation. We chose Mitsubishi because they have an exceptional line up of products. Our team is trained to match the right product to the unique needs to every home. We don't just 'slap' a product into a home, it needs to be properly sized and placed so that the homeowner can enjoy the full benefits of going ductless."

Customers can join the Peppy Heating and Cooling Comfort Club, which ensures the proper maintenance of their HVAC system. Benefits of being a member of the Comfort Club include: 15 percent discount for all repairs and accessories; $100 credit provided towards a new system each year the customer is a member; no contract; provision of two detailed maintenance services for the HVAC system of the customer every year; priority scheduling; peace of mind in the knowledge that the HVAC system is working properly; detection and fixing of small problems that might worsen and become serious issues that may be costly to resolve in the future; increased efficiency of the HVAC system; protection of the investment on the HVAC system and extension of its life; and service from knowledgeable, experienced, and cheerful staff.

Peppy Heating and Cooling was established in 2016 by husband and wife Brett and Tenley Shannon. This is a local and family-owned HVAC company that always listens to the customer and has achieved some of the highest credentials, including being included in the reputable Ductless Directory, which only includes contractors that are factory authorized, qualified, and trained in ductless installation. This HVAC contractor serves Boise and its neighboring areas.

Brett Shannon says, "We've expanded our area of service for consumer who wants a Mini Split System. We're based in Boise Idaho and recently added a second location in Nampa and also serve the Meridian, Eagle, Payette, Fruitland and Emmet communities."

Those who are interested in learning more about the HVAC services offered by Peppy Heating and Cooling can check out their website or contact them on the phone.


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