Poindexter Moving Recommends In-House Storage Solutions For Arizona Moves

March 07, 2023 at 23:10

Tempe, Arizona -

Arizona Poindexter Moving is advising the community to utilize their movers’ temporary storage solutions wherever possible. Even when customers are moving between properties of a similar size, such services can be quite useful if a different layout, unfinished room and so on causes items to be left without room for onsite storage.

Having been in the industry for many years, Poindexter Moving has dealt with virtually every challenge a move can produce. This is how the company has come to witness, on numerous occasions, how easy it is for customers to have baggage, valuables and other items left with no place to go once a move is technically complete. The company says there are many ways this could happen, even with the best laid plans.

Arizona Poindexter Moving

“You can only control so much,” explains a representative from Poindexter Moving. “You and your mover might have every area under your responsibility locked down only to arrive and discover that the contractor who was supposed to be done still hasn’t finished your master bedroom. Or a storm came in between now and the last time you checked the property out, and the living room now shows water damage. We have even known customers to simply get overwhelmed by the amount of boxes they have because their items seem to take up much more space when they are still packed up.”

Having worked with customers who had to rush on short notice to find local storage providers, the company decided to make it easier on the community by providing such solutions themselves. Today, anyone can simply let the company know how long they need a space for, and one will be assigned to them promptly. Find Poindexter Moving on Facebook for more.

While many businesses focus on providing storage solutions, Poindexter Moving strongly recommends that customers use their movers’ accompanying storage service wherever possible. Doing so would mean that the customer only has to keep track of one point of contact, which can greatly minimize the hassle of coordinating the transport of a building’s worth of items. The more (independent) providers they use, the more points of failure there will be. The company adds here that some exceptions may apply, such as in cases where a mover has developed a strong partnership with another business that provides storage. If the customer trusts the mover, their advice may be worth following as well.

This ties into the company’s other recommendation: to avoid compromising at all when picking a mover. A family is often dependent on their mover to ensure that all items are accounted for and arrive safely at the destination in question, and it can be incredibly difficult to hunt down lost boxes if they get misplaced during transit. A professional mover that cares about their customers (and their reputation), however, will take every measure possible to avoid this. As a result, anyone who can find a trusted moving company will probably be able to trust their advice on storage solutions as well.

Poindexter Moving’s combination of moving and storage solutions has earned them a glowing reputation as well, and this is evident in the company’s reviews. Adriel says on Yelp, “I have used a lot of moving companies over the years. But Poindexter Moving is by far the best moving company I have ever used. What I loved most about working with Poindexter Moving is they're integrity and professionalism. A lot of other moving companies aren't honest about their fees and try to nickel and dime you for every little thing. Poindexter Moving is honest and up front about the cost of the job and way more affordable than other moving companies.”

The review adds, “Their team is well trained and able to get the job done right. I still have no clue how they got the awkward and extremely heavy vanities up the stairs without damaging anything. From here on out, I will only hire Poindexter Moving. They are the clear choice when it comes to your storage and moving needs.”

Customers may visit the company’s website, call their office or send an email to the team to request a free quote. The company serves the communities of Tempe, Chandler, Buckeye, Anthem, Gilbert, Mesa and so on.


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