Premium Cigar Humidor & Electric Lighter Products Available On Crown Humidor

April 01, 2022 at 16:18

Sheridan, Wyoming based Crown Humidors is pleased to announce that their line of premium humidors can now be purchased through the company’s official website. While a broad range of humidors can be obtained in this manner, the company assures their community that all measures have been taken to ensure each item fulfills a stringent series of requirements to ensure they function as expected. See the full catalog here:

Those who are beginning to explore the world of cigars will soon come across the humble humidor, a storage solution that is designed explicitly to preserve a cigar's flavor and freshness for extended periods. There are many types of humidors, crafted out of a wide variety of materials, but Crown Humidor holds the firm belief that the classic solution has stood the test of time: a tint-finished exterior combined with a Spanish cedar interior. Today’s humidors come in acrylic, glass, metal and even more rare options that include carbon fiber, silicon carbide and polyethylene. However, historically, humidors were crafted out of specific types of wood, such as cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, walnut and so on. The best, according to the company and many others with a passion for the subject, is Spanish cedar.


While beginners may choose to buy a single or small pack of cigars at a time, serious enthusiasts may prefer to source a variety of cigars from their favorite brands and display them in a prominent location in their home or business. Many individuals outside enthusiast circles may also be invited to partake at a friend or family member’s gathering on special occasions (and this may be the first time they catch a glimpse of a humidor), but as the enthusiast themselves will be aware, cigars need careful care in order to be stored for so long. Left outside and exposed to the elements, even inside the relatively calm space of a home, a cigar can become dehydrated over time — which will in turn cause their degradation.

The opposite is true as well; a cigar exposed to humidity levels above the 70-75% relative humidity (RH) range may develop mold. It is also much harder to light and enjoy them since independent sections will burn at different rates (such as the edge burning faster than the interior) and the wrapper is also more likely to crack or unravel while in use.

Notably, the company recognizes that many in their community live in excessively hot or cold areas, which may require the use of a cigar cooler humidor. According to Crown Humidor, these devices go a step further and offer more protection for the enthusiast’s investment in their cigars. This class of humidors can deliver a consistent temperature in addition to humidity, and many boast the required Spanish cedar interior. See more here:

Whatever type of humidor is needed, customers can find exactly what they are looking for on the Crown Humidor store. For instance, the Lacquered "Walnut" Wood 60 Cigar Humidor with Spanish Cedar Lining and Accessory Drawer is currently up for May 2022 preorders, and customers are encouraged to give it a look. As the name suggests, this humidor features a lacquered walnut finish exterior, and it has stainless steel decorative accents adorning the top. Carefully inlaid in the front is a rectangle glass hygrometer (an instrument used to measure the amount of water vapor within the humidor) with a white base. A humidifier and a removable tray with divider are included internally, and customers may use the drawer at the bottom of the humidor to store their cigar accessories. This humidor has the ability to store no fewer than 60 cigars. As with all their products, high quality pictures of the humidor (both open and closed) is included in the listing.

Crown Humidor understands that many customers are generally looking for a humidor in the $100-300 range. The Lacquered "Walnut" Wood 60 Cigar Humidor with Spanish Cedar Lining and Accessory Drawer is at the upper end of this range at $299, but the company has helpfully compiled a list of the best humidors within this range to help their customers narrow down their search. See the full list here:

Crown Humidors is operated by a team of individuals who are passionate about cigars and their preservation, and they dedicated a great deal of effort to ensuring their customers are able to find products that suit their purposes as well. The team at Crown Humidors are available in the event customers wish to pursue any further inquiries.


For more information about Crown Humidors, contact the company here:

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