Professional Eye Protection On Offer For Indoor Growers

October 27, 2022 at 15:45

Santa Cruz, California -

Santa Cruz, CA based Method Seven is pleased to offer industry-leading eye protection for indoor growers. The company has expanded the capabilities of eyewear for the distinguished professional in a number of industries, including aviation, and they are now pleased to share that a number of options are available for those who work in indoor grow rooms.

Anyone who has spent time in a grow room will know that they are well lit. However, the issue is that this artificial light is not broad spectrum, as is the case with natural sunlight and even other types of artificial light. In addition to causing the individual to feel eye strain, particularly if they have to work under such conditions for an extended period, this limited light can make it difficult for their eyes to focus properly, identify colors correctly or even avoid squinting.

A grower who has to examine hundreds of plants carefully will find this light to be quite inadequate as well, especially given the detrimental effects it has on their eyes. However, given that they cannot change the type or quality of the lighting without negatively affecting the yield, their only option is to wear protective lenses that cut down the strain. Unfortunately, the vast majority of lenses on the market are meant for completely different scenarios, and growers will inevitably find these products unsuited to the task.

Method Seven says their team has the answer — several answers, in fact. The team initially developed performance eyewear that was intended for pilots dealing with the harsh light at high altitudes, but they quickly realized that there were other professionals who could similarly benefit from having accessible eyewear that made their jobs easier and preserved eye health. This led the team to create performance eyewear for grow rooms.

Prior to discovering Method Seven, many may resort to the use of sunglasses in a bid to limit the intensity of light that reaches their eyes. While this is often successful, the issue is that sunglasses block nearly all kinds of light, universally darkening the wearer’s vision. This also has a detrimental impact on their ability to examine the product in question. Certain manufacturers also market ‘affordable’ grow room glasses, but these more often than not use cheap plastic lenses that distort light and quickly become hazy as they age (assuming they had good clarity to begin with).

“You are a professional, and you need a professional’s tools,” states Method Seven. “The use of under-researched glasses can leave you grappling with excess fatigue, headaches, spots in your vision and more. Some of our customers have even found themselves exposed to harmful UV radiation.”

The company continues, “You want to protect your eyes at all costs, and we want to make it easier for you. Fortunately, we have the answer you’re looking for, available in a number of styles and with an assortment of special features. Our grow room glasses are designed for professionals, and they are an investment you will not regret. Don’t settle for less. Give yourself the tools you need to do your job both safely and well. Visit our store for more.”

Method Seven’s glasses are crafted from a variety of premium materials, each carefully selected for their function as well as their aesthetic appeal (without compromising the former). For instance, the lenses in the company’s glasses are made from mineral glass, which eliminates the strobe effect caused by HPS and Metal Halide lights. If the company’s preferred German mineral glass is not used, they switch to world-class synthetics by Italy’s Carl Zeiss, with comparable results. Each lens also provides full UV protection, eliminating UVA, UVB and UVC rays while minimizing distortion, improving focus and even correcting color.

The type of grow room lights used at the customer’s place of work will determine which glasses are best for them to wear. Method Seven is on hand in the event a customer is unsure which lenses would suit them best, and more information is available on the company’s official website as well. Orders can be placed from virtually anywhere in the world.


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