Updates Super Manifestation Radionics Software Program For Orgone Generators

November 09, 2022 at 19:16 updates Super Manifestation X 2022, a radionics software program designed to make radionics operations simple and powerful when combined with a genuine HSCTI orgone generator designed by Karl Welz. Super Manifestation X 2022 runs on all modern versions of Microsoft Windows. Super Manifestation X 2022 radionics software is now available at and allows users to create, save, load, modify and run complex radionic operations and templates and manage a library of operations with ease.

Super Manifestation X 2022 and is fully compatible Microsoft Windows 10 and 11. Systems with "S" mode enabled will need to disable "S" mode before installing Super Manifestation X 2022 as they would with any other software outside the Microsoft store. This radionics software program features up to 28 movable and configurable radionic positions complete with image, text and radionic rate settings. The software also includes several methods of dialing radionic rates including "virtual stickpad", "Rate Genie" and "Fast Rate Set". Super Manifestation X 2022 contains sophisticated and extensive virtualization of structures and operations constructed and held in object memory. This modeling technology takes the digital radionic workstation to new levels of performance and accuracy.

super manifestation radionics software

"Super Manifestation radionics software is only available at Users or previous versions can arrange an upgrade path by contacting The new Super Manifestation X 2022 has many new features as well as full compatibility with all new versions of Microsoft Windows," says Mike Devino of

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