Residential Dumpster Rental Offers Great Pricing & Great Service

August 01, 2023 at 22:10

Louisville, KY based Waste Now Restrooms & Dumpsters is inviting the community to make use of its quick and affordable dumpster rental services. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction at every stage, and this has made them invaluable for a variety of projects in Louisville and beyond.

Anyone in need of a cheap Louisville dumpster rental may place a convenient order via the company’s official website. Payments can be made online, and customers are welcome to get in touch today to request a free estimate. Waste Now Restrooms & Dumpsters serves both residential and commercial customers.

WasteNow Residential Dumpster Rental

WasteNow Restrooms & Dumpsters offers several types of dumpsters, each designed to meet a particular requirement. The company explains that most customers may order a dumpster based merely on the size of their project — with the most common options being suitable for homeowners or small businesses and larger dumpsters being suitable for projects with excessive amounts of waste, such as worksite and industrial construction sites. Regardless of a project’s type or scope, however, Louisville residents can rest assured that their waste management needs will be met by WasteNow Restrooms & Dumpsters.

There are 5 types of dumpsters (roll-off containers) available for residential customers, ranging from the 6-Yard option to the 20-Yard option. WasteNow Restrooms & Dumpsters says customers are welcome to deposit all manner of household waste in these dumpsters, including appliances, furniture, debris from the garage or attic, and non-hazardous debris.

On the other hand, the company offers four distinct options for commercial use. Since businesses tend to require more volume, these dumpsters start at the 10-Yard option and proceed in increasing sizes to the 40-Yard option. These dumpsters can also contain a similarly broad range of waste. Certain items cannot be disposed of in this manner, notably, such as liquids, and hazardous materials. It is advisable for customers to contact the company if they have any concerns or require special accommodations (such as delivery outside the company’s typical service area).

New customers should be aware that the company’s policies make them stand out from other providers. For instance, the standard Louisville dumpster rental period at WasteNow is 7 days, but the rental period can be extended for a small fee if necessary. WasteNow is also notable for the fact that its pricing is upfront and all-inclusive — a single fee accounts for delivery, pickup, tax, and disposal.

The company’s emphasis on convenience and fair dealing has not gone unappreciated by the community it serves. It regularly receives reviews and feedback that commend the team for its accessible services and straightforward practices. “I have used this service multiple times,” shares one of WasteNow’s customers. “Staff is very professional and helpful. They have assisted in selecting dumpster sizes and scheduling so I make maximum use of my dumpster rental. The drivers have always been punctual, friendly, professional, and mindful of my property. I strongly recommend WasteNow to everyone I know.”

According to the company, it is crucial for any waste management provider’s long-term success to develop a successful relationship with each and every customer it works with. This understanding aligns the company’s values with the community’s, thus creating a beneficial environment for all.

In an excerpt from another review, a customer says they had a “Great experience using this company. Ashley quickly took care of my needs from the first call to the final pick-up. She was always available and quick to respond. The driver called before showing up on site and had no trouble understanding where I needed the dumpster placed.” They conclude that they had, “Excellent communication from everyone I dealt with, and pricing was less than I expected in general, and an even greater value after factoring in the service received.”

Waste Now Restrooms & Dumpsters looks forward to helping customers find a quick dumpster rental nearby. A dumpster can be scheduled for delivery during the week (Mon-Fri), and the company can be reached by phone or email in the event a customer needs further assistance. The website makes it easy to rent a residential dumpster today.


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