Roofing Company Assists Homeowners With Free Roof Inspections

June 20, 2022 at 22:26

Franklin, Tennessee -

TN based Mighty Dog Roofing of Nashville West is inviting local homeowners to make use of their free inspections if they believe their roof has suffered damage recently. Whether due to falling trees, wear and tear or even bad weather, any damage to a roof is better off caught early on, and the company is offering their community a full professional inspection at no charge.

“Roof damage should always be taken seriously," the company says, “even if you have reason to believe that it is quite minor. The truth is that any level of damage can serve as a gateway for deeper cracks in the roof’s integrity to form, so it is best to take care of any potential issues early on. Naturally, we understand that the average homeowner is unlikely to know how to spot anything that isn’t a gaping hole or a missing shingle, so we consider it our privilege to place our team at your disposal. If your roof has not been inspected in at least six months, it might be time to give us a call. We’ll be happy to come out and let you know whether or not you have anything to be concerned about.”

Mighty Dog Roofing of Nashville West

Mighty Dog Roofing points out that taking care of problems before they develop further is more often than not in the homeowner’s best interests. This is partially due to the fact that it is much less inconvenient to have a crew on the roof for a short period (repairing minor damage) than it is to have them on for a full day or more as they attempt to fix a serious issue. However, many will also want to consider that it is much more affordable to deal with a problem early — small holes, for instance, are much easier (and therefore less material and labor intensive) to rectify. Keeping costs low is important given how many family budgets are getting tighter in recent times, and the company is cognizant of this. Thanks to their free inspections, customers need not hesitate out of fear of incurring any extra costs, and catching a problem in this way could potentially save them much more in the long run. Since the company employs a 25-point inspection process, they are certain to catch any issues that might be present.

The Nashville West roofing company also has a reputation for honesty and transparency, built over decades in the industry, and customers can always count on the team to share their expert insight with candor. Further, the company maintains a strict policy regarding pricing, so they guarantee there will be no hidden fees or surprise charges once a job is underway. Similarly, customers may make use of Mighty Dog Roofing’s financing options if they so wish.

According to the company, customers are given the opportunity to compare personalized financing offers from within Mighty Dog Roofing’s network. Notably, they can also do so without any risk of impact on their credit score, so customers are free to consider pre-qualified offers at their convenience. In a matter of seconds, they can access numerous offers based on whichever factor they consider to be most important, be it the interest rate, payment amount or length of the financing term. The entire process can be undertaken online, making it extremely convenient for customers to check at any time. Mighty Dog Roofing adds that funds can be received in as little as a single business day, so there is very little in the way of delays that might keep a roof from being tended to promptly.

This is also true for extreme cases where a full roof replacement is required. Customers may be eligible for financing upto $100,000, with terms up to 12 years and APR as low as 3.99%. This gives them a broad spectrum of roofing options to pick from, although the company assures that there is no need for anyone to come anywhere near this maximum limit if they do not want to. The team is adept at helping customers select options that are highly affordable without compromising on quality, and they are always pleased to share the benefit of their expertise.

In addition to the company’s official website, customers may contact Brock Warner of Mighty Dog Roofing of Nashville West for further details. The company can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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