Roots To Table: How To Make Small Charcuterie Boards

July 26, 2022 at 21:37

TX based Roots To Table would like to talk about an article by Freybe that offers tips and inspiration for anyone looking to put together a small charcuterie board. Roots To Table offers wooden charcuterie boards, and the article by Freybe may give readers a few ideas about what to do with their new Roots To Table boards. Charcuterie boards are easy to put together, and they are often presented to guests at both large and small gatherings. Anyone can make one with a bit of guidance, and the article, which is titled ‘Tips To Create a Well-Balanced Charcuterie Board,’ offers exactly the kind of insight an amateur charcuterie enthusiast might need.

“The great appeal of a charcuterie board is that it’s relatively simple to throw together,” the article says. “You can prepare it in advance to have it waiting as your guests trickle in, or you can make it appear magically after dinner like some sort of culinary Houdini. At its most basic form, the charcuterie spread was a lunch for farmers and hunters. A hard wedge of cheese and a dry-cure sausage, like a landjaeger, were perfect for carrying around and could easily be turned into a meal with a chunk of bread and their ubiquitous folding knives. But today, we’d like to share some of our charcuterie board ideas that will help you to elevate the humble meat and cheese platter into an art form that will wow your guests and thrill your taste buds.”

The art of charcuterie can be broken down into three main elements, the first of which is flavor. A good charcuterie board offers a mix of flavors which ensure that it caters to different tastes and makes it so every mouthful is a new experience to the person eating. The larger the platter, the more flavors that can be added. The three basic flavors are salty, savory and sweet. Salty flavors are usually found in cured meats like salami, pepperoni or bresaola. Savory flavor can be found in some cheeses, some nuts and fruits and in certain meats like salami. Sweet flavors on charcuterie boards are found in the form of fruits, candied nuts, toffees and jams. Spice and acidity are two other flavors a crafter might also consider adding to their cheeseboard.

The second element is texture. It is important to have a balance of different textures on a charcuterie board including textures, like crunchy, creamy, firm and smooth. By adding foods with different textures, a crafter ensures that their board offers an exciting variety of sensory experiences in addition to different flavors.

The third and perhaps most often overlooked element is color. The article says, “This is arguably the least important of the three elements; however, making sure you have a balanced color palate not only makes your charcuterie board pleasing to the eye, it also serves as a generally cheat sheet to make sure you’ve got the flavor balance right (pink and reds tend to be salty, yellows and whites bring some savory earthiness and the brighter colors provide a pop of sweet).”

Some other minor elements of a charcuterie board include garnishes and labels, which add an extra level of sophistication to the board. Presentation is important when presenting guests with a charcuterie board, and small details can make a world of difference.

One of these details is the board itself. Roots To Table has high quality bamboo boards which are available on Their boards are known for being of very high quality. One buyer says about their experience with a Roots To Table charcuterie board, “I am so happy I got this! I’m terrible at keeping track of my small knives. They are super cute with my cheese board, and this was a life saver! The material is professional quality (super easy to clean), and the knives that come with it cut through the harder cheeses! This is the perfect size for date night as well! Half the time I get a charcuterie board, I want to fill it to the brim when it’s just the hubby and I at home for a movie night. I end up throwing away half of it, but not this one! 10/10 recommend!”

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