Roots To Table: How To Season A Charcuterie Cheese Board

June 07, 2022 at 16:10

TX based Roots To Table would like to explain to new charcuterie board owners how to season their charcuterie cheese boards properly. Seasoning a new board and oiling it every now and then can help to maintain the board’s protective finish and extend the life of the board while also improving its performance. The process is relatively quick and easy when done correctly while still being highly beneficial in the long run.

Seasoning a new cutting board and oiling it is very simple. An Indigo True article on how to season a new bamboo cutting board says, “Start with giving your board a light hand wash with mild soap, then wipe with a kitchen towel and let it air-dry completely. The first time you season your board, you should aim to really saturate it in oil. Pour on what looks like far too much, then rub it in with a clean cloth (do not use paper towel for this — it will leave fibers clinging to the surface of your board). When you're done rubbing it may look like you still have too much oil on the surface, but let your board rest 5-10 minutes, and you will see that the oil will get absorbed. For a new board, you can repeat this process a few more times to ensure there are no thin or extra-thirsty spots.”

The article advises to then work on one side of the board at a time allowing it to sit with the oiled side up overnight to allow the oil to be absorbed completely. A much more efficient way is to let the board sit upright in a rack or a pot lid holder. Following the initial seasoning, the only thing left to do is keep the oil on the surface whenever it begins to thin and water begins to be absorbed into the cutting board easily. When this happens, it is enough to re-apply a single layer of board oil and allow it to rest overnight. This generally needs to be done once every 2 - 3 weeks.

Taking good care of a charcuterie board ensures that it remains in excellent condition for years to come. Higher quality boards are also more likely to last longer, and charcuterie boards of this caliber from Roots To Table are available on Amazon. The boards are made of bamboo and come in a wide variety of designs in order to accommodate a range of purposes. With Roots To Table boards, charcuterie enthusiasts ensure that guests will be presented with beautiful food displays on a high quality board made from sustainably sourced bamboo.

The boards are easy to store and are excellent for all situations, from parties to dates to travel and boating or as a gift. Amazon reviews from happy customers give clear indication of the level of quality one can expect from Roots To Table. Barbara Sapp says in her review of the boards, “This board is so beautiful! The logo is burnt in the bamboo, for a very classy look. The tools are stored inside so you can't lose them, or scratch them up. The packaging is stylish and it arrived in 1 day. I'm looking forward to an opportunity to use my new board. I highly recommend this product!”

Another review from a customer named Kyle says, “I am sooo happy I got this! I’m terrible at keeping track of my small knives. They are super cute with my cheese board, and this was a life saver! The material is professional quality (super easy to clean), and the knives that come with it cut through the harder cheeses! This is the perfect size for date night as well! Half the time I get a charcuterie board, I want to fill it to the brim, when it’s just the hubby and I at home for a movie night and end up throwing away half of it, but not this one! 10/10 recommend!”

Customers may visit Roots To Table’s website for more information on seasoning a new bamboo charcuterie board and other great tips. See more here: Seasoning Your New Cutting Board And Oiling It.


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