Round Rock Tree Experts CEO Advises Homeowners on Controlling the Pine Needle Scale Infestation

December 29, 2022 at 23:15

Round Rock, Texas – A pest that has been posing a big threat to trees and is challenging to control, pine needle scale, was discussed earlier today by Round Rock Tree Experts' CEO.

"Pine needle scale has become the biggest stressor for trees in Texas," said the CEO. "More to that, it has also become a challenge for tree care service providers to deal with it. After today, however, homeowners will understand the tips for controlling the insect and how to know if their trees have been infested.”

The CEO went ahead and mentioned a few characteristics that indicate the presence of pine needle scale.

"Although controlling pine needle scale is hard," said the CEO, "the fortunate thing is that a professional eye is not needed to determine the presence of this insect. Now, how will you tell if your tree is infested with this insect? The insects overwinter as reddish eggs beneath the white female scale covering, which can be easily seen with the help of a hand lens."

"In a few days," the CEO continued explaining, "the eggs will hatch, and the crawlers will move to new hosts or continue staying on the existing host to feed. The crawler stage is reddish and can also be clearly seen using a hand lens. If a homeowner doesn’t have a hand lens, he can shake a branch over a white sheet of paper; if the tree is infested, he will notice some white dots on the paper."

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The CEO went ahead and mentioned how the pine needle scale can be controlled.

"The first method of controlling pine needle scale is through tree spraying," said the CEO. "This should be done when 50 to 75 percent of the crawlers have hatched—normally a week after the first hatch."

"If the trees are heavily infested," continued the CEO, "a second spraying 10–14 days later is recommended. Make sure that you observe good coverage when spaying for maximum control."

"The second method is soil injection with an insecticide that can be easily absorbed into the vascular system of the infested plant,” noted the CEO. “This method, however, will take quite some time to see the results, since the soil injections need a lot of time to be absorbed.”

The CEO insisted on using the right insecticide.

"For the control process to be a success," said the CEO, "the right insecticide should be used. Now, this is where a professional comes in because there are too many brands that claim to control pine needle scale while they can’t.”

"Also," continued the CEO, "if you have been using the same insecticide for quite a long time, it is advisable to switch to another insecticide that uses a different mechanism to control the insect. This helps to prevent the insect from building a resistance mechanism towards the product used.”

Finally, the CEO urged homeowners in Round Rock and its surrounding areas to contact Round Rock Tree Experts for all of their tree care needs.

"From controlling all tree pests and infections," bragged the CEO, "to tree improvement procedures and any other tree care service you might think of, Round Rock Tree Experts has the required skills to handle them all. Homeowners in Round Rock and its suburbs should therefore feel free to contact Round Rock Tree Experts to place any tree care service they need."

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