South Shores Recovery Provides Helpful Info on Rehab Services Including If TRICARE Does Cover Alcohol Rehab and More

April 03, 2023 at 16:13

South Shores Recovery, a drug and alcohol rehab treatment center in Dana Point, CA, has recently released a slew of resources on rehab services. One article offers tips on finding TRICARE approved alcohol treatment services. In a related blog post, they provide a full length guide on the renowned intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Orange County, indicating its position in the continuum of effective treatment for addiction. Finally, the last article takes a look at blue Xanax, which happens to be the most abused prescription drug.

TRICARE health insurance recognizes South Shores Recovery’s drug rehab treatment services for active-duty military personnel and veterans. Upon admission, South Shores will perform an evaluation to assess the severity of the condition of each client, determine the best approach for treatment, and the most suitable program level.

A soldier in the Army takes a swig from a flask not knowing TRICARE alcohol rehab services can be found at South Shores Recovery

The services they offer have been designed for service members and veterans because this group has unique needs. They have a higher tendency to abuse alcohol as a result of their exposure to traumatic and violent events. Heavy drinking has been found to be more common among veterans compared to the general population. Meanwhile, for a period of eight years, the percentage of opioids prescribed for veterans had increased from 17 to 24 percent. Furthermore, there has been a bigger rise in prescription drug addiction among veterans and active duty military personnel compared to civilians.

Meanwhile, available TRICARE insurance coverage includes: TRICARE insurance for opiates; TRICARE insurance for alcoholism; health insurance for benzodiazepine addiction treatment; and drug treatment for amphetamines. Those in the military or veterans who are struggling with addiction can get rehab treatment at South Shore Recovery with the use of: synthetic drugs; cocaine; marijuana; and sleeping pills.

With regards to locating effective IOP offerings in Orange County California, South Shores Recovery offers such a program and customizes their method for addiction therapy to each particular client. The goal of their IOP program is to offer clients with the same high quality support and care they can receive from inpatient programs but in a more convenient and flexible way. IOP programs are typically used for treating: mental health issues; eating disorders; self-harm; and depression.

Meanwhile, Xanax belongs to the family of benziodiazepine drugs commonly prescribed for panic attacks and anxiety disorders. It works as a central nervous system depressant, causing increased activity of GABA, which is a neurotransmitter with calming effects on the brain and the central nervous system.

Blue Xanax is considered as a schedule IV controlled substance. This is commonly prescribed in the US for treating panic disorders and general anxiety disorder symptoms. Unfortunately, blue Xanax is one of the most abused prescription drugs, apparently because many people believe they are safer than illicit street drugs just because they are prescribed by a doctor. Misusing a blue Xanax pill, such as taking it at a higher dose or more frequently than as prescribed, can result into Xanax dependency, overdoses, and even death. Focus is often made on blue Xanax because it is the most prescribed but it should be noted that whatever the color of the pill is, the potential for misuse is the same.

South Shores Recovery provides short-term residential drug or alcohol rehab services that can be used as the foundation for long-term recovery. They use various tools and resources to teach and guide every client and allow them to finally be on the road towards recovery from their addiction. The South Shores staff members are all capable of taking care of even the most challenging cases by using some of the most modern techniques for drug rehab.

Those who are interested in getting placement at a leading Southern California rehab treatment center, whether for themselves or their loved one, are invited to contact South Shores Recovery as soon as possible. Those who want to get more details about addiction and its treatment, such as information on blue Xanax bars and blue Xanax pills, can check out the South Shores Recovery website or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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