SUN Columbus Helps Address an Alcoholic Spouse

July 24, 2023 at 16:04

Columbus, OH – SUN Behavioral Health Columbus released a recent blog post on how to help an alcoholic spouse. Alcohol use disorder is one of the most common conditions affecting society today. When a spouse is the one living with the condition, it can make life difficult for both parties. Emotional, mental, and physical tolls can cause problems in the relationship and leave the spouse questioning what to do.

“When going through difficult times, it is key that your own mental and physical health take precedence before trying to address issues with your partner. Being in the right headspace yourself is important because it is the only way you can provide the help your partner needs. Some mechanisms you can implement for yourself include eating a healthy diet, exercising, journaling, seeing a therapist, and talking to friends and family. You cannot help someone else if you are not feeling 100%. Make yourself a priority first. It can be hard, especially when seeing your spouse in their current state. Stay focused and keep up your healthy habits,” the article reads.

Addressing the spouse needs to be done with positive speech as well as support and understanding. Negative words such as “alcoholic” will not warrant an open conversation with the spouse, and will encourage them to withdraw. It is key to remember that both parties have valid feelings and need to be received as such.

Planning when and how to have a conversation about alcohol use is needed before addressing the spouse. Avoid stressful or hectic times and instead plan a sit down when both parties are calm and not in a hurry to get somewhere else. Have the topics ready for discussion and write down lists to remember what to address. Emphasizing sobriety is needed for this conversation to happen.

“Your spouse is not just their alcohol use disorder – they are a person first. Do not be afraid to mention how their drinking lately has made you feel, but also see their side. Avoid words like ‘problem’ or refer to them as an ‘addict.’ This speech will shut them down rather than open up the conversation,” the article continues.

Setting boundaries for both parties can help with moving forward and working toward a solution. For the spouse with alcohol use disorder, implementing boundaries such as no buying alcohol with joint bank account money, no drinking at family gatherings, no hiding or lying about any alcohol use, and communicating after alcohol use can be helpful. For the other spouse, implementing boundaries such as asking their partner to not drink in front of them, telling the partner that using the family car is not allowed while drinking, prioritizing self-care and make sure basic needs are met, and communicating any time the spouse violates boundaries or feelings are not being respected.

SUN Behavioral Health Columbus is a full-service substance use disorder and mental health hospital. Their alcohol use disorder program includes inpatient options with therapy and wellness components, as well as different levels of outpatient care for those who can’t get away from work or responsibilities. Their goal is to solve unmet needs within the community and connect those seeking treatment with resources.

Those who want to know more about SUN Behavioral Health Columbus can call them at 614-706-2786 or visit their website. Their facility also has 24/7 crisis care admittance as well as free telehealth consultations.


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