Talisman Casualty Insurance Company Offers Tailored Claims Management

July 26, 2023 at 17:01

Carson City, Nevada -

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company LLC, a protected cell captive insurance firm based in Nevada, provides tailored claims management to allow for efficient Talisman claims processing for each of their cell programs. To ensure efficient processing of claims, they use various claims management service providers. To make sure that this will work, they only delegate claims authority to companies with outstanding experience in claims management, operate with the highest degree of integrity and ethics, and are familiar with the local markets where the claims are made.

They apply the most advanced claims technology for the claims management of captive cells. A spokesperson for Talisman Casualty Insurance Company says, “This helps us provide immediate feedback of the overall impact of claims and the time needed to make adjustments can be decreased due to the simple aggregation of data within a cell captive. Because claims account for the majority of a captive’s expenses, best practice claims management is one area where captives can distinguish themselves from most traditional insurers.”

Talisman Casualty has many years of experience in providing captive insurance policies and they always deliver. Through their claims management system, the efficiencies of the claims technology can be streamlined for each protected cell to provide a high level of claims service for every participant.

Meanwhile, the Marine Program by Talisman Casualty Insurance is a cell captive that is designed for fishing operators, marine contractors, marine cargo, and other business owners who have assets on the water and require coverage that is suitable for their own specific business goals. This program is focused on small to medium-sized marine accounts and offers Hull and Protection & Indemnity (Hull / P&I), Maritime Employers Liability (MEL), and Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) with admission into the program cell.

The spokesperson says, “The philosophy for the marine program is to form long-term relationships with our maritime clients and understand their business, risk management practices, and business forecast so that insurance coverage can always match the fluctuating exposure. The selection of insureds is cultivated with caution and care and the selection of claims adjusters and other service providers is done with the focus on effective and efficient client service.”

It is the stated philosophy that has resulted in close working relationships with the employees and management of the participating businesses. The selection of program risk begins with accounts that are familiar to the group and then ensures partnering is only done with the qualified insured businesses that have shown sound safety and management practices.

With the MEL policy, the company’s employees working on the deck of someone else’s marine vessel would be covered. The MEL coverage follows the employees even when they are onboard non-owned vessels. It is important to note that MEL policy will not include a workers' compensation policy.

Hull insurance is to cover losses to the marine vessel itself from specified risks. Typically, there is a provision that the marine hull will be covered only within certain geographic limits. The protection and indemnity coverage is a kind of liability insurance for all kinds of maritime liability risks regarding the operation of a marine vessel, aside from what is covered by the workers compensation policy and the collision clause in a hull coverage. The commercial general liability coverage is to protect business owners from liability claims for property damage, bodily injury, and personal and advertising injury.

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is a provider of an alternative risk transfer option for property and liability insurance by applying the protected cell captive business model. Their insurance policies and bonds are all completely authorized, regulated, and licensed insurance transactions based according to the state laws of Nevada. Talisman provides insurance policies and bonds to principals who join a protected cell by becoming a shareholder and by agreeing to a participation deal. Participants in the cell captive can benefit from the regulated structures and international reinsurance markets with the possible benefit of decreasing their insurance costs and expanding their coverage as specified by their specific business goals.

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