The Latest Blog Post by a Chicago IL Insurance Broker Details the Ramifications for Driving without Insurance on URL

February 02, 2023 at 17:16

Palos Hills, Illinois -

Chicago, Illinois headquartered Insurance Navy Brokers is a reputable company that specializes in non-standard auto insurance policies. It’s known for being an insurance provider that makes it easy for those in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, and California to obtain SR-22 certificates and other specialty auto insurance coverages through its 30 storefronts, large call center, and online.

The company has also proven to be a valuable source of information that’s related to such things as obtaining SR-22 certificates, the hardships created by having a license suspended or revoked, and what can happen when someone risks getting behind the wheel knowing their car is not insured. The latter just happens to be the subject of this insurance provider's latest blog post. A company representative stated, “As a reputable auto insurance provider, we feel it's important to discuss some of the dire situations that we often hear about that come from someone driving a car that is not insured. That’s why we decided to create our most recent blog article that has to do with what can happen if someone is caught driving without insurance. It’s an article that we hope will discourage anyone that ever considers driving a car that is not properly insured from doing that very thing.

This latest company blog titled ‘What Happens if you are Caught Driving Without Insurance?’ starts by mentioning that if someone considers themselves to be a safe driver, they may not always find value in having proper auto insurance coverage in place. But it reminds that accidents can and do happen to even the best of drivers. When this occurs to someone who is driving without insurance, it can wipe them out financially and even result in jail time. It went on to point out that driving without insurance is illegal at present in 48 states and the District of Columbia. The blog also went over that most states require two types of auto insurance coverage for every vehicle that is on the road. This includes both property damage liability insurance and bodily injury liability insurance and each state sets coverage minimums for these insurances. It is a recent post that also talked about what can happen to those that get caught driving without insurance. The article mentioned such severe ramifications as tickets with hefty fees, suspended licenses, vehicle impoundment, subsequent SR22 filing requirements, and even the possibility of jail time. It ended by stating that no one should ever consider driving without insurance because many auto insurance providers such as them can help even the hardest-to-insure car owners.

This Insurance Navy blog can be viewed in its entirety by referring to the company website. A place where many other helpful blogs with such titles as ‘Cosmetic Damage on Your Car - What Should You Do?’, ‘All About Zero Dep Insurance’, and ‘What Road Rage Incidents Can Lead To’ can also be found.

Those that Insurance Navy Brokers has helped obtain non-standard auto insurance policies often state in reviews how pleased they have been with the company’s services. Asma Aarab proclaimed, “Getting auto insurance over the phone was never this easy, the agent was so patient and she made the process so much easier for me by not even having to go to the office. I received my proof of insurance right away in my email. Excellent service!” Maria B stated, “The helpful staff at Insurance Navy listened to my needs and recommended an affordable car insurance policy that met my requirements. The customer service was fantastic. I recommend visiting or calling them for all your car insurance needs and great rates.”

According to the company representative, they at Insurance Navy Brokers are also always happy to speak with people in the above-mentioned states about their other financial products and service needs. This includes homeowners insurance, renters insurance, motorcycle insurance, and roadside assistance plans. This is all in keeping with the company’s stated mission of being dedicated to educating and assisting customers with their insurance needs by providing them with options and coverage regardless of their level of risk. Insurance Navy Brokers representative added, “We know life can be unpredictable, but your insurance should not be.”


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