Tiny Rituals Is Urging Customers To Check Out Its Collection Of Crystal Hearts

March 21, 2022 at 16:23

Encinitas, California -

Online spiritual jewelry store Tiny Rituals is urging new and existing customers to check out its collection of crystal hearts.

Though Valentine’s Day 2022 has come and gone, there is no expiration date on love and there is no better time to tell that special someone how important they are. Everyone who has someone who fills their life with joy prays for their loved one’s health and happiness. Beyond showering them with compliments and favors daily, one can even consider the occasional surprise gift to show their loved ones exactly how much they care. If the gift that one picks out for their soulmate is a symbol of love while also being made of materials that exude the exact healing energy that they need in their life, it would be a priceless combination.

chakra crystal heart

The collection of crystal hearts from Tiny Rituals fulfills this exact need as it combines the universal shape of love, the heart, with crystals that have the power to transform and reinvigorate one’s life. The store’s collection includes hearts crafted from a wide range of crystals such as Angelite, Amazonite, Bloodstone, Sunstone, Serpentine, Hematite, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, Unakite, Chrysocolla, Amethyst, Chakra, Selenite, Copper Healing, Green Jade, Black Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, Crystal Quartz, Yellow Calcite, Carnelian, Purple Rainbow Fluorite, and Apatite.

A spokesperson for the company talks about its collection of hearts made of genuine crystal by saying, “You spend a lot of time with your loved ones daily because they fill your life with hope and positivity that feeds your happiness and sense of purpose. However, they might be missing something in their own lives that they may be scared to share with you or could be shying away from having an honest conversation about. Your intuition might tell you that something is wrong but they might hold back because they care for your happiness. If your loved ones are facing a difficult struggle and need the energy and vitality to overcome their hurdles, consider giving them a crystal heart as a gift from our eclectic collection. The heart shape of the crystal combined with the gemstones used to craft them imbibe them with unique healing elements, high vibrations, and rich energy to cleanse the chakras and balance the body, mind, and soul. Every gemstone and crystal has a different aura that taps into a different kind of elemental healing and chakra cleansing. When you gift that special someone these crystal hearts, you are showing them that you care about them in more ways than one. You are conveying that you care about them enough to get them a gift, that you’ve been keeping a watchful eye on them, listening to their needs, receiving their subconscious signals, and that you have found the perfect solution for their troubles that is going to help them get past this difficult phase in their life, allowing them to be the happy and cheerful person that you know they are.”

Tiny Rituals has also posted several blog articles on its website that discuss the healing power of gemstones and the effect that they have when those materials are combined with sacred geometry, such as the shape of the heart. In one blog post, the company discusses the chakra of the heart, the most challenging, yet also the most rewarding, of the 7 chakras in the human body. The heart chakra sits directly above the heart capturing the element of air and radiating with shades of soft green. The heart chakra is responsible for keeping one open to giving and receiving love and compassion in all its forms. It keeps a person emotionally healthy and balanced in relationships and it allows them to link their thoughts and feelings with logical rationality. The blog post says that Rose Quartz heals the landscape of the heart, Green Aventurine brings vitality and clarity back to the heart space, and other crystals such as Rhodonite, Malachite, Amazonite, and Green Jade burst open the heart chakra.


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