Toronto Functional Medicine Centre Provides IV Therapy With Biotin

August 27, 2022 at 08:30

Toronto, Ontario -

The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre (TFMC) recently posted a blog post about Biotin supplements and IV Therapy for nutrient absorption, which is offered at their Toronto clinic. The post, titled “Understanding Biotin Supplements and IV Therapy From Our Toronto Clinic”, discusses the supplement Biotin, how the human body might use it, and how IV vitamin therapies, such as those offered by the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre, can help support the body in achieving optimal health.

Biotin, one of the B vitamins, is used in the biological processes of converting food into energy. Because the body can’t create Biotin on its own, it needs to be provided through dietary means, which can include supplementing intake if someone is struggling to get enough of the nutrient from their food. Some people reach for Biotin supplements because they want something that will strengthen their nails, or to prevent cracked and brittle nails. Others might use it in hope of supporting the health of their hair, as hair loss has been linked to a biotin deficiency. There are also suggestions that biotin could potentially be beneficial during pregnancy.

IV therapy with Biotin

Most people are able to obtain the biotin they need from nutritional sources, but some persons may still potentially benefit from increasing their biotin intake to support their health. There are many foods that are rich in biotin that can help people access the potential benefits of biotin though simple dietary changes. Foods such as eggs, salmon, nuts, seeds, avocados, oysters, milk and legumes are all dietary sources of the nutrient. However, it’s worth noting that raw egg whites, which contain the protein avidin, can prevent the absorption of biotin, so eating raw eggs could backfire if the goal is increasing biotin levels in the body. Biotin is also widely available as an oral supplement, or as a component in multivitamin pills. The blog post from Toronto Functional Medicine Centre reminds readers that oral supplements need to be absorbed during the digestive process, and many oral supplements are lacking in bioavailability, meaning how much of the supplement is absorbed by the body through the digestive system. Oral biotin supplements can also have unpleasant side effects, such as increased thirst or mild nausea.

Multi-vitamins and minerals IV therapy with Biotin, and oral biotin support are also available, which are the forms offered by Toronto Functional Medicine Centre. Intravenous infusion therapy, also known as vitamin drip therapy or IV therapy, involves connecting a client’s arm to an IV drip, with an infusion containing key vitamins such as biotin or folic acid. The benefit of intravenous therapy is that nutrients are infused directly into the client’s bloodstream, bypassing the finicky digestive tract and allowing for complete absorption into the blood. Clinics like the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre can customize IV vitamin therapy treatments for their clients to help provide relief from the specific symptoms of nutrient deficiency affecting them. The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre knows that everybody is different, and is prepared to offer IV treatments designed to support people struggling with a number of different conditions, including thyroid conditions, substance withdrawal, acute health issues, mental health issues, chronic illness, and more.

The IV Lounge at the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre is currently accepting new clients who are interested in finding out what intravenous vitamin therapy may be able to do for them. The Centre is located on Cumberland street in Toronto, Ontario, and is open to anyone in the area who is interested in functional medicine or IV therapy. In addition to their IV lounge and personalized vitamin infusion therapies, the clinic also offers a number of integrative medicine treatments to those in the Toronto area, from acupuncture to brain and body exercise and hormonal support. The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre is equipped to provide allopathic and naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, cold laser or shockwave therapy, and also provides lab testing services for those who need them.

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