Washington State Economic Update Says Gas Prices Are Falling

July 28, 2022 at 01:24

Spokane, WA based Washington Title Loans would like to discuss why gas prices in Washington are falling and where people can find the cheapest pumps. They point to a recent article by the Seattle Times that talks about the cause of the fall in gas prices and explains how Seattle residents can take advantage of the new prices after months of soaring fuel prices across the country. The decrease in prices is partially due to lower local demand, offering Seattle residents a relief from the record high prices of a few weeks ago. Visit https://washingtontitleloans.net/ for more on Washington Title Loans.

Prices are down 7% at $5.26 per gallon as of a few days ago, according to analysis of data from the federal Energy Information Administration. The steady decline has been attributed to the price for oil going down globally and lower domestic demand for gas. The cost of a barrel is currently around $90, which is a lot lower than the $110 from a few weeks ago. Consumers are advised to seek out better gas prices in Washington outside Seattle city limits in Skagit, Snohomish and Pierce as these places are stated to have better prices (according to Gasbuddy.com).

The price of gas is determined by the cost of crude oil, which makes up just under 60% of the price, refining which makes up 26%, taxes which are 11% of the price and marketing which is 5% of the total cost. The cost of gas is higher in some places due to higher state taxes on crude oil, like on the West Coast. Washington had higher gas prices than most of the country, averaging $5.09 compared to a national average of $4.49. In June, Seattle residents paid more than 10.2% more than others around the nation (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), meaning the drop in prices is a much bigger relief for Seattle residents than might be expected, as the spike put already high prices even higher.

Washington Title Loans is happy to hear about the drop in gas prices. "We always find it positive when gas prices are falling for everyone!" said a spokesperson for Washington Title Loans. As a company that concerns itself with helping people out financially, good economic news for the state is good news for them as well as it means their clients, who they are committed to helping through financial crises, have a better chance of being able to make ends meet. Washington Title Loans is a part of the community they serve and good news for the community is always welcome. Find Washington Title Loans at https://goo.gl/maps/6rMSqgUtawXgNtLt7.

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