Weather Scientific Publishes Guide On Gifts For Weather Lovers

May 02, 2022 at 17:42

Wyoming based Weather Scientific recently published a blog post that aims to help weather lovers find the perfect gift. The post lists some of the best gifts for weather forecasters, outdoor enthusiasts and just about anyone else with an interest in weather. The gifts are perfect for any occasion, from birthdays to Christmas and beyond, making it easy to find an item that is guaranteed to make a weather loving friend or family member very happy no matter the occasion. The blog post can be found at

The first gift on their list is the LaCrosse Technology S88907V2 Wireless Color Weather Station. According to the blog post, it is perfect for weather enthusiasts. “The perfectly simple weather gift,” the article labels it. “The new Wireless Color Weather Station from La Crosse Technology® provides precise, real-time backyard weather station information. Introducing the all-new Indoor Comfort Meter, which keeps tabs on the relative humidity of any given space (perfect, uncomfortable, humid or dry). Changing barometric pressure causes animated color forecasts with trends to change their color. Set high/low temperature alerts and keep tabs on incoming and outgoing temperature trends. Color display with adjustable brightness lets you monitor both indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity levels.”

Also on the list is the LaCrosse Technology BBB86118V3 Curved Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Moon Phase. The clock can be put indoors or outdoors, and this versatility is the reason why it is such an excellent gift for any weather enthusiast. The clock makes it possible to keep track of indoor and outdoor temperatures and weather forecasts from anywhere in the world, and its wide LED display makes it easy to read at any time of day or at night. The clock features a tough polycarbonate dome which protects its large surface from moisture, dust, oil and smears, a feature rarely found in clocks.

Another great gift idea in Weather Scientific’s blog article is the Weems & Plath Weems Pro 7 x 50 Binoculars. The blog article refers to them as another perfect gift idea for the outdoor enthusiast. They come with a long list of features aimed at meeting the needs of professional sailors and seafarers. The binoculars are built to meet military standards and offer exceptional performance and endurance both in high and low light. Their flat field lenses deliver edge to edge sharpness and optimal eye relief which results in unmatched image quality. Visit to find out more about products like this.

Those looking to know how strong the wind is at a glance may be interested in the Cape Cod Wind Speed Indicator. Weather Scientific’s blog post says, “A spinning cup wheel mounted on your roof or on your boat's mast uses free wind energy to register every gust of wind in real-time. The highly polished brass dial's attractive and exquisite spun silver face properly displays the wind speed from 0 to 100 mph (0 - 160 kph). The tough rooftop transmitter is a marine-grade aluminum alloy for years of trouble-free use. It's exciting and engaging for the whole family to watch a storm pass by! Easy owner installation, includes a 6" diameter dial, all connections, and hardware! Limited warranty of 10 years. An AC-powered Peak Gust Register is also available, displaying the maximum gust when a little button at the top of the dial is pressed.”

Weather Scientific exists to help people create homes and businesses that are environmentally clean to support their health and wellbeing. The organization was formed with the expertise of Bob Sanders, a successful ecommerce entrepreneur whose greatest passion, besides fishing, is bringing value to the marketplace in numerous ways. At Weather Scientific, they understand how important accurate and timely weather prediction is to industry and personal recreational activities, so they make it their mission to help people find products that can predict the weather accurately.

Integrity, relationships and service are the three core values the company lives by, and the team’s efforts have helped countless people. The company maintains close partnerships with a number of leading brands, including Reed, LaCrosse and more, meaning their followers can be sure that any product that receives Weather Scientific’s attention is also likely to have the backing of the top brands in the industry.

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