Whisky Auctioneer Whisky Hammer Launches Scotch Whisky Auctions 2023 - Best Online Whisky Auction Platform

August 08, 2023 at 16:57

Ellon, Scotland -

For whisky collectors, finding a trustworthy service for buying and selling whisky can be a challenge, but Whisky Hammer’s online whisky auction simplifies the process. Whisky Hammer is the world’s premier whisky auction, serving hundreds of countries and thousands of customers around the globe. The online auction offers collections of the world’s highest rated whiskies for spirit enthusiasts. Founded by brothers Daniel and Craig Milne, Whisky Hammer was created to share their love of whisky with the rest of the world. Visit https://www.whiskyhammer.com/ for more information.

“Growing up on the edge of Speyside, whisky has always been an integral part of our lives,” says Daniel Milne. “Through Whisky Hammer, we are able to share our passion for whisky with our customers worldwide,” adds Craig Milne.

Whisky Auctioneer

The brothers grew up in Macduff, located in Speyside, Scotland, which is home to some of the world’s most famous single malt scotch whisky distilleries, including Glenfiddich and Glenlivet. Taking their lifelong passion for whisky, the Milne brothers founded Whisky Hammer in 2015. Since then, the auction has garnered a prestigious reputation for its incredible whisky collections and excellent customer service. Whisky Hammer has created a streamlined auction process for both sellers and buyers.

For sellers, the process starts by registering with Whisky Hammer as a seller. Once this is done, they can have their bottles or casks registered into the Whisky Hammer database, an ever growing collection that is home to thousands of exciting whiskies. After registration of the casks/bottles, sellers can arrange for them to be picked up and sent to Whisky Hammer using one of three different pickup options.

Sellers can rest assured knowing that once their bottles are deposited safely with Whisky Hammer, they are kept in a state-of-the art warehouse designed for optimal security. Once the bottles go up for auction, sellers are notified via email when their bottles have been bid upon. When the auction is complete, the seller receives an email confirmation with details of the bottles that were successfully sold, and payment will then be delivered. Throughout the process, sellers have access to a Whisky Hammer team member who will guide them through the process and answer any questions or concerns.

As previously announced, for buyers, the process also starts with registration through the Whisky Hammer website. Next, they are given access to the Whisky Hammer auction database. Here, buyers can search thousands of whisky bottles and casks. Searches can be refined by region, cost, brand name, age, and more. The auction process can be exciting for buyers, as here they can find the rarest, most expensive, and artfully crafted bottles of whisky in the world.

When a buyer is ready to place a bid on a cask or bottle, all they have to do is enter their maximum bid amount in the “place bid” box. From there, the system will automatically increase the bid. This way, once a buyer places their bid, they can sit back and await an email to find out if they’ve been outbid or if they’ve successfully won the bid. The system is designed to protect buyers from bid sniping so that no one is unfairly outbid. When the auction is over, buyers are notified of their winning bids, and will then make the payment to receive the bottles. Bottles are shipped to the winners with utmost care, ensuring the casks or bottles arrive in mint condition.

Whisky Hammer hosts auctions every month, and a detailed calendar can be found by visiting their website. Whisky enthusiasts can also visit the Whisky Hammer blog to learn more about each upcoming auction, new collections, the buying and selling experience, and more. For both buyers and sellers, Whisky Hammer strives to provide a top-notch experience that has customers coming back for more. Because Whisky Hammer works with some of the most prolific whisky collectors in the world, customers can be confident that they are getting the best of the best in whisky.

To learn more about Whisky Hammer's Live Auctions and the bidding or selling process, visit the company’s website at https://www.whiskyhammer.com/auction/current


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