Flossie, the world's oldest living cat, is nearly 27 years old

November 24, 2022 at 12:34

CNN —Flossie, at the age of almost 27 – which is the feline equivalent of being 120 human years old, according to Guinness World Records – has been crowned the world’s oldest living cat.
The British brown and black cat received official recognition from Guinness World Records on Thursday at the record-breaking age of 26 years and 329 days, according to a news release.
I’m immensely proud that Cats Protection matched me with such an amazing cat,” she added.
She was adopted by a worker at the hospital, who she lived with for 10 years before her owner died.
After 14 years, her second owner died.
She was then with her second owner’s son for three years, before being entrusted to volunteers at Cats Protection.
“We were flabbergasted when we saw that Flossie’s vet records showed her to be 27 years old,” said Naomi Rosling, the charity’s branch coordinator, in the release.
Most cat owners prefer to adopt a much younger cat, with elderly animals often living their final days in shelters, according to the release.
“I’ve always wanted to give older cats a comfortable later life,” said Green, who hopes Flossie’s story will encourage potential cat owners to provide a haven for older pets.
The oldest cat who ever lived, Crème Puff, reached the age of 38 years and three days.
The former oldest living dog, Pebbles, died on October 3, five months before the toy fox terrier’s 23rd birthday.
Gino Wolf, who lives with his owner in Los Angeles, is the current record holder at 22 years and 2 months old.