Florida on way to banning elementary school discussions on STDs, menstrual cycles

March 19, 2023 at 15:53

A bill making its way through Florida’s legislature would ban elementary school discussions on sexually transmitted diseases and sexual education topics such as menstrual cycles.
The legislation, sponsored by Republican state Rep. Stan McClain, passed the House Education Quality Subcommittee on Wednesday by a 13-5 vote.
The bill would ban discussions in elementary school classrooms on topics such as STDs, and require schools to teach that a person’s sexual identity is determined biologically at birth.
Under the bill, sex ed classes would be restricted to sixth grade through high school.
Democrats in the state have criticized the bill over it banning discussions on menstrual cycles for girls younger than sixth grade.
The average age girls first get their period is age 12, with the range of age stretching from 10 to 15 years old.
FLORIDA MOVES ONE STEP CLOSER TO UNIVERSAL SCHOOL CHOICE"So if little girls experience their menstrual cycle in fifth grade or fourth grade, will that prohibit conversations from them since they are in the grade lower than sixth grade?"
The bill would require school materials to be approved by the Florida Department of Education, and would establish objection forms to the school community that would include contact information for school district leaders, WUSF reported.
Gantt decried the bill as one that encourages book banning, WUSF reported.
They’re going to be adults one day, and they need to be informed adults," Gantt said last week.
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